Keysight DAQ970A

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Keysight DAQ970A Data Acquisition (DAQ) System

Get the next-generation data acquisition (DAQ) system with a 3-slot mainframe and your choice of 8 plug-in modules. Interface with the DAQ using Keysight BenchVue DAQ software, the intuitive graphical front panel with task oriented, self-guiding menus, or a web browser.

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The DAQ970A Offers:

  • Advanced 6½ digit internal DMM with improved accuracy and faster
    measurement speed
  • Ability to measure very low current ranges (1 μA DC and 100 μA AC) and higher resistance range (1000 MΩ)
  • New auto-calibration that compensates for internal drifts caused by time and temperature changes
  • 3497XA compatible, program and configuration


  • All modules have been updated to have improved switching speeds and accuracies
  • NEW DAQM900A solid state multiplexer with scan rate speed of up to 450 channels/sec

Keysight DAQ970A

DAQ970A and BenchVue DAQ software for configuration and easy data analysis.

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Keysight DAQ970A

Visit the DAQ970 page for additional specifications, list of new and updated switch and control plug-in modules and pricing.