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TestEquity is a Keysight Authorized Distributor

With TestEquity and Keysight you get the best of both worlds: Keysight's measurement expertise and product breadth, combined with speed, convenience, and same-day shipping from TestEquity.

TestEquity and Keysight have teamed up to provide fast delivery on the world's largest selection of test equipment.

When you work with TestEquity, an Authorized Keysight Distributor, you get:

Fast delivery from stock through TestEquity

Keysight has the world's largest portfolio of handheld, portable, and benchtop T&M instruments, plus a full suite of accessories, options, and add-ons. There's an instrument for virtually every application, and most popular models are available for immediate delivery from TestEquity.

Volume discounts, flexible payment terms from TestEquity

TestEquity has volume discounts, flexible payment terms, and a variety of financing plans to meet your needs.

Seamless access to Keysight expertise

As an Authorized Keysight Distributor, we have access to a dedicated Keysight support team that will help us answer your questions so we can help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

Ongoing support - before, during and after your purchase

You get the advantages of both companies and ongoing support from Keysight.