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Signal generators are one of the most widely used instruments in radio frequency test and measurement. This webinar will provide a general technical introduction to signal generators and their most common applications.

TestEquity present’s 
Rohde & Schwarz’s “Understanding Signal Generators” 
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Join Rohde & Schwarz product management engineer Paul Denisowksi as he unlocks the power of signal generators.

He’ll explore:
* The differences between analog and vector signal generators 
* How analog and vector modulated signals are created
* The use of different types of signal impairment
* Practical considerations when selecting a signal generator

The webinar will also include an opportunity for live interactive questions and answers

Paul Denisowski has more than 20 years of lab and field experience in test and measurement. He has authored numerous whitepapers, presentations, videos and webinars on a wide variety of topics, including interference hunting, direction finding, EMC, amplifiers, and general radio frequency applications. Paul holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and was also a visiting lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Our Webinar Hosts and Presenter

 Scott Cave - Host
 VP Test & Measurement Products 

 Paul Denisowski - Presenter
 Product Management Engineer
 Rohde & Schwarz

 Rich Markley - Host
 Product Manager
 Rohde & Schwarz



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