Optical and Photonic

TestEquity offers wide range of electronic measurement solutions that are helping to drive innovation in intelligent optical networks. Whatever your application in the optical market, we can help you find the right solution for test and measurement of optical components, network elements and systems, and all-optical fiber networks.


Source: Keysight
On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using LCAs - Application Note
This document describes the principles of on-wafer measurements on opto-electronic components
Source: Tektronix
Physical Layer Tests of 100 Gb/s Communications Systems - Application Note
Learn how to prepare for compliance measurements on 100G standards.
Source: Keysight
Spectrum Management for Efficient Bandwidth Allocation - X-COM - Brochure
Spectrum Management Solutions for Efficient Bandwidth Allocation from X-COM and Keysight
Source: Tektronix
Extinction Ratio (ER) Calibrated - White Paper
This white paper explains some of the benefits of highly accurate ER measurements in both 10 GbE (Ethernet), with its relatively low ER requirement, and in SONET/SDH, and the methodology that supports consistent, accurate ER result.
Source: Keysight
Essentials of Coherent Optical Data Transmission - Application Note
The Application Note explains how complex modulated optical signals can maximize bit transfer efficiency in fiber optical data transmission.
Source: Tektronix
Coherent Optical Signal Generation with High-Performance AWG - Application Note
Learn how instrument characteristics and performance level of the AWG70000 influence the ability to generate different modulation schemes and the way the instrument's flexibility can be used to compensate for internal and external device imperfections and to emulate component and link distortions.
Source: Keysight
High Speed Lightwave Component Analysis - Application Note
The principles and methods are described for measuring the frequency dependence of fiberoptic transponders that convert electrical signals to optical signals and optical to electrical.

Source: Tektronix
Automating Bit Error Rate Measurements of Complex Modulated Optical Signals - Application Note
Common to all digital communications systems is the need to characterize bit error rates (BER). In this application note, you will learn how the Tektronix OM4106D Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer enables access to the complete set of variables for characterizing complex optical signals on fiber.



Source: Tektronix
ECOC 2014: 400Gb/s and 1 Tb/s Coherent Optical Analysis
Tektronix Expert Rob Marsland explains the validation approach for next generation 400G and 1T optical modulation formats at ECOC 2014 in Cannes France.
Source: Tektronix
ECOC 2014: PAM4 Analysis for Design Validation
See how to conduct PAM-4 Analysis using PPG3204 Pattern Generator and DSA8300 Sampling Oscilloscope on multi-level eye diagrams.
Source: Tektronix
ECOC 2014: Multi-Level Signal Generation of PAM-n Signaling
Observe as Tektronix Dr. Klaus Engenhardt demonstrates how to conduct PAM-4 Signal Generation using AWG70000's.
Source: Tektronix
ECOC 2014: 28Gb/s Test Support in OIF Interop
See how Tektronix is supporting industry adoption of 28Gb/s interconnect with OIF industry members in this informative Interoperability demonstation at ECOC 2014.