Meet the Preen AFV-P Series powerful and compact AC Power.

More than AC Power: The Preen AFV-P Series

The AFV-P series is more than a source of alternating current for your test bench. It’s a powerful, compact package with programmable AC Power, DC output, and precision measurement—and the features speak for themselves.

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One Tool. Many Capabilities.

Programmable Simulations: Transient Feature

Get more control over your waveforms by inserting disturbance as specific locations with custom drop/rise ranges. This can simulate pre-compliance tests and various types of power line disturbance, such as surge, sag, spike and dropout, for immunity tests.

Programmable Simulations: Transient Feature

Intuitive Touch Screen Control

The 5-inch touch screen provides a clear display and easy set up. AFV-P is also equipped with a rotary knob for better fine tune adjustments.

Ideal for High Inrush Current EUT & Start / End Angle Setting

Get peak current up to 4.5 times the rated current for inrush current tests—ideal for electric motor tests. Set the start angle/end angle for the product output, which is suitable for testing switching power supplies.

AC & DC Output

AFV-P not only provides AC output to simulate real world conditions, it can also generate DC output. It is an ideal cost-effective power testing solution for R&D and certification laboratories.

Multiple Communication Interfaces &
Control Software

Get USB, Ethernet, RS232, and RS485—all without a remote interface card. Only GPIB and analog are optional interfaces. AFV-P also includes control software with comprehensive programming features and LabView driver, which controls the AC source without further programming needs.

Programmable Simulation: Step & Ramp Features

The Step and Ramp features let you define the slew rate of voltage and frequency at each step. Set the rise/fall time, time unit and voltage/frequency change between steps to create a wide range of waveforms. The Ramp feature can effectively reduce the inrush current by simulating soft start for motor or compressor startup.

Fast Response & High Stability

Any high performance AC source must provide a fast response time, low total harmonic distortion and tight voltage regulation. With the AFV-P series, you can easily simulate power line disturbance such as sags, surges, dropouts and spikes.