Instek GPS-3303 Triple Output Power Supply

15075.3 MFG #: GPS-3303
$441.00 /
  • Watts: 195
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Triple output Power Supply
  • Model: GPS-3303
  • Product Code: Instek
  • Quote Required: No
  • Web Meta Description: Instek GPS-3303 Triple Output Power Supply. Authorized Instek distributor, fast delivery from stock, competitive prices.

  • Description

    Check out the newer model GPE-3323 for better value, higher resolution, and superior functionality.

    • 3 Independent Isolated Outputs
    • Main Outputs: 0-30V, 0-3A (X2)
    • Output 3: Fixed 5V, 3A
    • Four 3-Digit LED Displays
    • 0.01% Load and Line Regulation
    • Low Ripple and Noise
    • Tracking Operation and Auto Series/Parallel Operation
    • Output ON/OFF Switch
    • Output Voltage and Current Setting When Output Disable
    • Fan Speed Control Circuit to Minimize Fan Noise
    • Over Load and Reverse Polarity Protection

    The two main outputs on all models are independently adjustable from 0 to 30 V for constant voltage mode, and 0 to 3 A for constant current mode. They can also be operated in series (for 0 to 60 V or 0 to ±30 V at 0-3 A) or parallel (for 0 to 30 V, 0 to 6 A) tracking modes.

    The triple-output Instek GPS-3303 features one auxiliary fixed 5 V output with a fixed 3 A current limit.

    Four LED meters provide two sets of simultaneous voltage and current display (main outputs only on GPS-3303).