Keysight 34192A (5063-9214) 3U Rack Flange Kit (5063-9214)

16602.1 MFG #: 34192A (5063-9214)
$77.24 / EA
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  • Drill Down Description: 3U Rack Flange Kit (5063-9214)
  • Keywords: 5063-9214
  • Model: 34192A (5063-9214)
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  • Description

    Keysight 34192A dual rackmount flange kit secures the instrument to the front of the System II cabinet. This kit can be used with the 34194A Dual Lock Link Kit to mount two Keysight System II (half-width, 3U height) instruments side-by-side.

    Keysight 34192A dual rackmount flange kit is compatible with any standard System II 3U 132.6mm high instrument.

    Same as 5063-9214.