Fluke 190-204/AM ScopeMeter II

18752.1 MFG #: 190-204/AM
$5,149.99 / EA
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  • Drill Down Description: ScopeMeter II
  • Model: 190-204/AM
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  • S3 Part Number: 18752.1


  • Description

    200MHz, Four isolated floating channels

    • Safely perform differential or floating measurements on multiple signals simultaneously
    • View and measure waveform amplitude, shape and timing differences between signals or four test points

    1000 V CAT III/ 600 V CAT IV

    • Safely perform measurements on equipment that is permanently installed in plant electrical distribution systems (Installation Category III/IV)

    Li-ion batteries and access door

    • High-capacity batteries for operating scope up to seven hours
    • Battery door allows for an easy recharge of batteries to extend operating time

    Connect-and-View™, ScopeRecord™, TrendPlot™, USB, and 100 Screen Replay

    • Connect-and-View: hands-free operation, trigger, capture and display complex waveforms
    • ScopeRecord, TrendPlot, and 100 Screen Replay: functions designed to record waveform data over extended time and capture intermittent faults
    • Two USB ports for easy PC connectivity and data storage on memory devices

    The Fluke 190-204 / 190-204/S: 4-Channel, High-performance — Built for Harsh Industrial Environments.

    The FLUKE 190-204 ScopeMeter oscilloscope has four electrically isolated channels, and is safety rated for industrial applications. This scope combines rugged portability with the high performance of bench oscilloscopes to take you from troubleshooting microelectronics all the way into power electronic applications.

    Its four channels and 200MHz of bandwidth, 2.5 GS sampling rate, and deep memory of 10,000 samples per channel allows high-accuracy capture and display of waveform details, noise, and other disturbances.

    Perform timing or amplitude related measurements on three phases or three-axis control systems or simply compare and contrast multiple test points in a circuit under test. Features like TrendPlot™, ScopeRecord™, and Connect-and-View™ help you quickly diagnose industrial machinery, automation and process controls, and power electronics to minimize repair costs and downtime. These features make the oscilloscopes easy to use especially when diagnosing the most difficult problems like complex waveforms, intermittent events and signal fluctuations or drift.

    New Li-ion battery technology keeps your scope on the job, all day.

    Fluke 4-Channel 190 Series II instruments include a set of four probes, hanging strap, USB cable with mini-B connector, double capacity Li-ion battery BP291, battery charger/power adapter BC190, a FlukeView demo package and users manuals on CD-ROM. The /S-versions also include the C290 hard-shell carrying case and the FlukeView software package.

    Watch Fluke ScopeMeters perform in harsh applications.