Hioki 9272-10 Clamp-on Probe

18943.1 MFG #: 9272-10
$550.00 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Clamp-on Probe
  • Model: 9272-10
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  • S3 Part Number: 18943.1

  • Description

    Clamp-on Sensor

    • Superb low frequency and phase characteristics suitable for testing the current and power of inverter control devices
    • Wide 1Hz to 100kHz frequency bandwidth perfect for harmonic analysis, FFT analysis and waveform monitoring
    • 1-Year Warranty

    Ideal for measuring current with low frequencies such as inverter control devices

    Basic specifications
    Rated current AC 20A, or AC 200A (selectable)
    Frequency band width 1Hz (±2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.) to 100kHz (±30% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.)
    Output rate (with the 9555-10) 2V/20A rated current range, or 2V/200A rated current range (voltage output with the Sensor Unit 9555-10, use with a device having a 1Mohm input resistance or higher)
    Max. current input 20A range: 50A rms Max. 200A range: 300A rms Max.
    Max. circuit voltage 20A range: 50A rms Max. 200A range: 300A rms Max.
    Core jaw dia. φ 46mm (1.81in)
    Power consumption ±11V to ±15V (tracking), 5VA Max. (use with the Sensor Unit 9555-10, which is powerd by AC 100 to 240V)
    Dimensions, mass 78mm (3.07in)W × 188mm (7.40in)H × 35mm (1.38in)D, 430g (15.2oz) Cord length: 3m (9.84ft)
    Supplied Accessories Carrying Case 9355, AC adapter 9418-15, 6 Mark bands