Keithley 7154 10-Channel HV Scanner Card

19826.1 MFG #: 7154
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  • Drill Down Description: 10-Channel, HV Scanner Card
  • Model: 7154
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  • Description

    1100 volts peak 2-pole switching High and low fused Screw terminalsThe Model 7154 switches voltages to 1100V peak or currents to 0.5A. The current carry capacity of each relay contact is 1A. Two-pole relays switch both circuit High and Low for full floating measurements and each input line is fuse protected against current overload. A Guard input common to all channels is provided for shielding or as a Guard driven from a single instrument. Guards may be isolated by removing jumpers installed at each input. Multiple switched guard circuits can be achieved by removing the jumper and connecting circuit Guard to the Low input terminal.