TestEquity 101H-B Benchtop Temperature/Humidity Chamber

20222.2 MFG #: 101H-B
$13,601.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: Benchtop Temperature/Humidity Chamber
  • Model: 101H-B
  • Input Voltage: 120V, 60Hz, 1 PH
  • Web Meta Description: TestEquity Model 101H-B is your best choice when you need a small humidity chamber. This benchtop version fits easily on your test bench.
  • Product Code: chamber
  • Quote Required: No
  • Condition: New
  • Interior Volume: 1 Cu Ft
  • LN2 Boost Cooling: No
  • Temperature, Highest: +130C
  • Temperature, Lowest: -30C

101H / Note: Cart is sold separately

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    • 101H-B Compact Benchtop Version
    • 1.1 Cu Ft Workspace (13.8" W x 11.8" H x 11.8" D)
    • Temperature -30°C to +130°C
    • Humidity 10% to 95% RH. See specifications page for limitations.
    • Water Recirculation System Included - nothing extra to buy, no plumbing needed
    • F4T Touch Screen Controller
    • Viewing Window & LED Lighting
    • 3" Access Ports on Left & Right Side
    • Single-Stage Refrigeration
    • 120V Input - Plugs Into Any 15 Amp Outlet
    • 3 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor Warranty
    • Made by TestEquity in Moorpark, California

    TestEquity GSA Schedule for Environmental Chambers

    TestEquity Model 101H is your best choice when you need a small humidity chamber. The benchtop version (101H-B) fits easily on your test bench while the floor-standing version (101H-F) requires minimal floor space.

    Mass-Transfer Vapor Generator - TestEquity Exclusive!
    Better humidity stability throughout the entire operating range compared to steam generators. Accomplished without an exposed water bath.

    Water Recirculation System Included
    The included water recirculation system provides a reliable source of demineralized water for the humidity system, using ordinary tap water. Condensate from the chamber is returned back to the water tank. Perfect for installations where a water line and drain are not available.

    Accurate Humidity Measurement
    A fast responding Vaisala capacitive-type sensor eliminates the need for unreliable wet-wicks.

    Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor
    For increased temperature accuracy compared to thermocouples.

    Low-Noise Operation
    The chamber's refrigeration system generates a low level of audible noise and vibration. You'll be able to work close to the chamber with minimum discomfort and distraction.

    120 Volt Input
    The Model 101H draws only 10 Amps maximum at 120 Volts. You can plug it into any standard wall receptacle, with plenty of power to spare for other equipment.

    Heated Viewing Widow
    Eliminates fog and condensation under high humidity conditions without a manual wiper.

    LED Lighting
    Mounted on outside of door facing into the window. Long lasting, not exposed to temperature extremes.

    Two 3" Access Ports
    Two 3" (2.83" inside diameter) access ports are included. Lets you attach wires and sensors to your test sample through both the left and right side of the chamber.

    Adjustable Shelf
    A heavy-duty stainless steel wire shelf ensures proper airflow around your test sample for uniform temperature distribution.

    Compact Benchtop & Floor Standing Versions (convertible)
    Model 101H-B fits easily on your workbench. For more portable use we offer a floor-standing version with casters, Model 101H-F. You can convert the benchtop version to a floor-standing version at any time by purchasing the caster base.

    F4T Touch Screen Temperature/Humidity Controller
    The F4T is our next-generation controller. Featuring a touch-screen interface, it's exceptionally easy and intuitive to use. Includes RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces. GPIB is available as an option.
    More about the F4T Touch Screen Controller >>

    World's Best Environmental Chamber Warranty
    Only TestEquity offers a 3-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor. Our nationwide service network is qualified to do the job right. And we always have replacement parts in stock for immediate shipment. Labor warranty applies to the United States and Canada only. See the complete warranty statement here.