Hioki IM3533 LCR Meter

20436.3 MFG #: IM3533
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  • Drill Down Description: LCR Meter
  • Model: IM3533
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  • Description

    A single device that performs measurements at high speed under multiple conditions - (C-D + ESR measurement and L + DCR measurement) Optimal measurement conditions can be set automatically according to the test sample so switching between setups is a snap DCR temperature compensation (DCR temperature compensation function) All the measurements necessary to evaluate transformers (such as turn ratio and mutual inductance) in a single device Compact size with a depth of approximately 6-3/4" Reliable and highly accurate measurements Frequency sweep function (IM3533-01)

    Comprehensive Transformer and Coil Measurements Coupled with High Accuracy and Easy Operation
    The Hioki IM3533 and IM3533-01 are cost-effective LCR testers that provide high-performance and improved functionality; such as a wide-measurement of frequency range from 1 MHz to 200 kHz, high-speed measurement of up to 2 ms, and highly reliable measurement using the contact-check function. These LCR meters have a wide-range of applications — from production lines to research and development. Additionally, The IM3533 and IM3533-01 provide a transformer/coil measurement screen that enables efficient measurement of the winding of transformers and coils.

    Basic Specifications

    Model IM3523 IM3533 IM3533-01
    Usage LCR component prod. Transformer and coil production Research and development
    Basic accuracy ±0.08%rdg. ±0.08%rdg. ±0.05%rdg.
    Measurement frequency 40Hz to 200kHz 1mHz to 200kHz
    Measurement signal level (V/CV) 5mV to 5V 5mV to 5V/2.5V
    Measurement time 2ms
    Cable length 0m/1m 0m/1m/2m/4m
    Display Monochrome LCD Color TFT 5.7-inch LCD, touch panel

    Test fixtures are not supplied with the unit. Please select an optional test fixture or probe as needed.