Keysight B2981A Femto/Picoammeter

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  • Model: B2981A
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  • Description

    • Best-in class 2 pA – 20 mA measurement ranges and internal 1000 V source (B2985A/B2987A) ensure accurate 0.01 fA & 10 PΩ measurements
    • < 20 μV burden voltage on the lowest current range
    • High speed reading rate up to 20,000 rdg/s
    • Independent current and voltage measurements (B2985A/B2987A)
    • Available battery operation versions eliminate AC power noise
    • Measure down to 2 nC range with 6.5 digits resolution (B2985A/B2987A)
    • Temperature and humidity measurements (B2985A/B2987A)
    • Graphical viewing modes (Meter, Graph, Histogram and Roll View)
    • Time domain view enables transient signal behavior capture
    • Easy-to-use auto navigation for optimal range and aperture
    • Real time histogram view provides quick statistical analysis
    • Optional Test Setup Integrity Checker function for noise isolation
    • Versatile interface: USB 2.0: front and rear, LAN, GPIB, LXI Core
    • USB (front): store data, save/recall setup information
    • Free PC control software
    • Three-year warranty
    • B2980A Series Intro Video

    The world's only graphical Picoammeter/Electrometer that confidently measures down to 0.01 fA and up to 10 PΩ
    The Keysight B2981A and B2983A Femto/Picoammeters and B2985A and B2985A Electrometers/High Resistance Meters not only offer best-in-class measurement performance, but also provide unprecedented features to maximize your measurement confidence. The Femto/Picoammeters and Electrometers both offer 0.01 fA (10-17A) minimum current resolution, which meets virtually all existing and future low-level current measurement needs.

    Unique capabilities and features maximize confidence for sensitive measurements
    The electrometers feature a 1,000 V voltage sourcing capability that supports up to 10 PΩ (1016 Ω) resistance measurements. The electrometers also work with Keysight's well-proven high resistance meter accessories. Both the Femto/Picoammeter and Electrometer have battery powered versions to eliminate AC power line noise. This available capability provides an unmatched level of noise reduction, enabling low-level measurements that were previously impossible.

    Unlike conventional picoammeters and electrometers, the B2980A series possesses a 4.3" color LCD-based graphical user interface (GUI) that provides multiple options for viewing data. In addition to numeric format, data can also be viewed as a graph, as a histogram and as a trend chart. These unique front-panel capabilities facilitate the capture of transient behavior and provide the ability to make quick statistical analysis without the need for a PC.

    The B2980A series also has features to help you maintain measurement integrity on the external cabling and fixturing. The available Setup Integrity Checker software permits the comparison of noise levels for different cabling and fixturing arrangements, allowing you to identify and isolate the noise-sensitive areas in your measurement system. In addition to these impressive measurement capabilities, the B2980A series has easy-to-use and convenient measurement assist functions that permit users with limited or no electrical engineering training to perform complicated electrical characterization operations with ease.

    Battery operated models eliminate power line noise
    AC power line noise strongly impacts sensitive measurements. While integrating over one or more PLCs can minimize AC power line noise effects, even the B2980A Series models' excellent noise performance cannot eliminate 100% of this noise unless the instrument is completely isolated. Therefore, both the Femto/Picoammeter and Electrometer have available battery operated versions that enable you to make power-line-noise-free measurements. The two battery-enabled models can function for 6 hours (B2983A) or 4 hours (B2987A) under normal operating conditions, and they also automatically save your measured data and measurement setup information if the battery level goes below 5%. Of course, besides eliminating noise the battery models provide the added benefit of portability allowing you to use them anywhere you want.

    Keysite B2980A Series roll view display
    Time domain view (Roll View)
    B2980A Series Data Display
    Data recorded up to 100,000 pts.

    Temperature and humidity measurement capabilities
    Temperature and humidity are critical parameters for high resistance measurements. The B2985A and B2987A electrometers contain both temperature and humidity sensors interfaces, and a dedicated thermocouple (N1423A) is furnished with these models. The EE07 Digital Humidity/Temperature Probe from E+E Electronik can be used for humidity and temperature sensing, which provides more accurate temperature data than a thermocouple.

    Time domain view (Roll View) lets you visually choose when to capture data.
    The B2980A series' GUI provides a Roll View that can graphically display data as it is taken and that also can store up to 100,000 of these data points for later retrieval. With a sampling rate of up to 100 kHz, the Roll View can reveal real-time measurement trends and provide valuable insights into the dynamics of your DUT's behavior. To facilitate this data analysis, the B2980A series provides flexible graphing capabilities. In Graph View the electrometers can plot I-V curves on their displays using values from either the internal voltage source or voltage measurement data.

    Keysight B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeters and Electrometers



    Electrometer/High Resistance Meter
    B2981A B2983A B2985A B2987A
    Measurement resolution 6-1/2 Digits 6-1/2 Digits 6-1/2 Digits 6-1/2 Digits
    Current measurement 0.01 fA to 20 mA 0.01 fA to 20 mA 0.01 fA to 20 mA 0.01 fA to 20 mA
      Minimum range     2 pA 2 pA
    Maximum measurable Resistance     Up to 10 PΩ Up to 10 PΩ
    Voltage measurement     1 μV to 20 V 1 μV to 20 V
      Input resistance     > 200 TΩ > 200 TΩ
    Charge measurement     1 fC to 2 μC 1 fC to 2 μC
    Temperature measurement     Keysight B2980A Femto/Picoammeter Electrometer Keysight B2980A Femto/Picoammeter Electrometer
    Humidity measurement     Keysight B2980A Femto/Picoammeter Electrometer Keysight B2980A Femto/Picoammeter Electrometer
    Voltage source     Up to ±1,000 V Up to ±1,000 V
      Minimum resolution     700 μV 700 μV
    Reading rate 20,000 rdg/s 20,000 rdg/s 20,000 rdg/s 20,000 rdg/s
    Battery operation   Keysight B2980A Femto/Picoammeter Electrometer   Keysight B2980A Femto/Picoammeter Electrometer

    Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications.

    Other features include: graphical capability (Meter View, Graph View, Histogram View, Roll View), auto navigation, 100 k points sample buffer, versatile interface (USB, LAN, GPIB, LXI Core), and free PC control software. One (1) 16494A Triaxial cable is included with each model. One (1) N1418A Lithium-ion battery pack is also included with B2983A and B2987A.

    Keysight B2980A Series applications:

    • Material science (Biomaterials, ceramics, elastomers, films, dielectric materials, electrochemical, ferroelectric, graphene, metals, organic materials, nano-materials, polymers, semiconductors, etc.)
    • Devices and electronic components (capacitors, resistors, diodes, sensors, transistors including TFT and CNT, optoelectronics, solar cells, etc.)
    • Electronic/non-electronic systems (ion beam, electron beam, sensing systems, particle measurements, embedded precision instruments, etc.)