Hioki 8961 High Voltage Module

22665.2 MFG #: 8961
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  • Drill Down Description: High Voltage Module
  • Model: 8961
  • Product Code: Rental
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  • S3 Part Number: 22665.2

  • Description

    • Use with the 8860/8861 Memory Recorders
    • Insulated input (Voltage to earth: 600 V AC/DC in measurement category 3, and 1000 V AC/DC in measurement category 2)
    • 16-bit A/D conversion facilitates high resolution measurements
    • Built-in true RMS rectified circuit with a wide band from low to high frequencies (DC, or 40 Hz to 10 kHz)
    • Observe instantaneous waveforms of DC and wide band AC signals (DC to 100 kHz)
    • Bundled with dedicated input cables
    • Supplied w/two 9242 Connection cords, two 9243 Grabber clips
    • 1-Year Warranty

    Directly input high voltages and measure instantaneous and RMS waveforms.

    Basic specifications
    Measurement functions Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement, DC/RMS selectable
    Input terminals Safety banana terminals (input impedance 10 Mω, input capacitance 5 pF or less), Max. rated voltage to earth: 1000 V AC/DC in CAT II, 600 V AC/DC in CAT III (the maximum voltage that can be applied between input channel and chassis and between input channels without damage)
    Measurement range 1 V to 50 V/div, 6 ranges, full scale: 20 div, AC voltage for possible measurement/display using the memory function: 700 V rms, low-pass filter: 5/50/500/5 kHz
    Measurement resolution 1/1600 of measurement range (using 16-bit A/D conversion and when installed in 8860 series)
    Highest sampling rate 2 MS/s (simultaneous sampling in 2 channels)
    Accuracy DC amplitude: ±0.25% of full scale (with filter 5 Hz), zero position : ±0.15% of full scale (with filter 5 Hz, after zero adjustment)
    RMS measurement RMS amplitude accuracy: ±1% of full scale (DC, 40 Hz to 1 kHz, sine waveform), crest factor: 2
    Frequency characteristics DC to 100 kHz ±3dB
    Input coupling DC, GND
    Max. allowable input 1000 V DC (the maximum voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
    Number of installable units Install only up to four units in one 8860 series MEMORY HiCORDER
    Dimensions and mass 170W × 19.8H × 148.5D mm (6.69 in × 0.78 in × 5.85 in), 310 g (10.9 oz)

    When used with the Memory Recorders 8860/8861, a firmware upgrade of the Recorder may be necessary. Install only up to four units in one 8860 series Memory Recorder.