Chroma 61704 AC Power Source

22931.1 MFG #: 61704
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  • Drill Down Description: AC Power Source
  • Model: 61704
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  • Description

    • 5 Models from 1500VA to 12000VA
    • Voltage: 0 to 150V/0 to 300V
    • Frequency: 15 to 1.2 kHz
    • Phase angle: 0 to 360°
    • Built-in PFC, provides input power factor over 0.98
    • Advanced PWM technology delivers high power density in a compact rack-mountable package
    • Built-in output isolation relays
    • AC+DC output mode
    • Programmable slew rate setting for changing voltage
    • Turn on, turn off phase angle control
    • Optional function for power line disturbance (PLD) simulation capability
    • Comprehensive measurement capability: V, Irms, Ipk, I inrush, P, PF, CF of current etc.
    • Programmable RMS current limit
    • Full protection: OP, OC, OV and OT protection
    • Optional GPIB and RS-232C interface
    • Easy-use software for operation


    The Chroma 61700 series Programmable AC source models deliver pure, 5-wire, 3-phase AC power. Unlike the traditional 3-phase AC sources, they includes low power rating models at very low cost. Users can program voltage and frequency, measure the critical characteristics of the output on their LCD display. They deliver the right solution to simulate all kinds of input condition of UUT to be utilized in R&D and QA. They're also suitable for commercial applications from laboratory testing to mass productions.

    Comprehensive Measurements
    By building in a 16-bit precision measurement circuit, the 61700 series AC source offers precision and high speed measurements. Such as RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, and current crest factor, VA (apparent power) and VAR (reactive power). Users can use rotary knob to change the measurement items shown on LCD display. They also can change page to see more measurement items.

    Slew Rate of Voltage
    Programmable AC Source 61700 Series use DSP technology to program voltage waveform. Users can change the voltage in only one step. Or users can set the slew rate to get a gradual increase or decrease of voltage. It can help to easily test the line input range of the products, for example 190V-264V. It also can reduce the inrush current if setting the line in voltage increasing from a low level to a high level.

    61700 Series AC Source Applications

    Power Line Disturbance Simulation (Optional Function)
    In addition to the steady output voltage and frequency programming, Chroma AC power source 61700 series provides powerful functions PULSE, LIST and STEP to simulate all kinds of power line disturbance conditions.

    Harmonics, Inter-harmonics Synthesis (Optional Function)
    Users can make use of the softpanel software (A617001) to synthesize harmonic waveforms and store it in the memory of the AC source. An inter-harmonic sweeping function from 0.01Hz to 2400Hz is also available to generate a distorted non-periodic waveform directly from 61700 series front panel.
    61700 Inter-harmonics

    Easy to use Softpanel Aerospace Testing
    61700 Softpanel

    61700 Series AC Power Sources
    1.5 KVA
    3 KVA
    4.5 KVA
    6 KVA
    12 KVA