California Instruments CSW5550 AC and DC Power Source

24519.1 MFG #: CSW5550
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  • Drill Down Description: AC and DC Power Source
  • Model: CSW5550
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  • Description

    • 5550 VA total output
    • Combination AC and DC Power Source
    • 40-5,000Hz Output Frequency
    • Arbitrary and Harmonic Waveform Generation
    • Built-In Digital Power Analyzer
    • Scope Capture Capability
    • Power Programming Software
    • Constant Power Mode
    • Multi-Box Option
    • AC or DC Output Voltage: 0 to156 Vrms L-N, low range; 0 to 312 Vrms L-N, high range
    • Current Per Phase: 16A to 115V in 156V range; 8A to 230V in 312V range per, 1850 VA module. Available current in either AC, DC or AC+DC mode.
    • Input Voltage: 187 to 264 Vrms, 3PH L-L (3 wire)

    Easy To Use Local Controls
    The CSW Series is DSP controlled and can be operated from an easy to use front panel keypad. Functions are grouped logically and are directly accessible from the keypad. This eliminates the need to search through various levels of menus and/or soft keys. A large analog control knob can be used to quickly slew output parameters. This knob is controlled by a dynamic rate change algorithm that combines the benefits of precise control over small parameter changes with quick sweeps through the entire range.

    The CSW is designed for testing today's complex electronics, including avionics, telecommunications and commercial electronics requiring low profile, light weight power supplies

    Other applications include:

    • Testing for real world power conditions using different waveforms on all 3 phases (including DC)
    • Load susceptibility testing with sequence or event programming and multiple voltage harmonics
    • Power line disturbance simulation testing
    • MIL-STD-704, DO-160, B747 and ABD100 avionics testing
    • Power supply testing for AC-DC, DC-DC converters and UPS's
    • Transients on 12 & 24 VDC for automotive applications

    Flexibility in Power Ranges
    The CSW Series is based on a 5,550VA power source. The CSW features selectable Single or Three Phase output via front panel menu selection or via remote control interface. Utilizing Master / Auxilary arrangement the CSW offers the flexibility to paralled up to power levels of 33,300VA

    High Crest Factor
    With a crest factor of up to 3.25:1; the CSW Series AC source can drive difficult nonlinear loads with ease. Since many modern products use switching power supplies, they have a tendency to pull high repetitive peak currents. The CSW5550 can deliver up to 38.5 Amps of repetitive peak current

    Harmonic Waveform Generation
    Using the latest DSP technology, the CSW Series programmable controller is capable of generating harmonic waveforms to test for harmonics susceptibility. The Windows Graphical User Interface program can be used to define harmonic waveforms by specifying amplitude and phase for up to 50 harmonics. The waveform data points are generated and downloaded by the GUI to the AC source through the remote interface. Up to 200 waveforms can be stored in nonvolatile memory and given a user defined name for easy recall.