Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester

24846.1 MFG #: 1000FLT
$249.99 / EA
  • Condition: New
  • Drill Down Description: Fluorescent Light Tester
  • Model: 1000FLT
  • Quote Required: No
  • Web Meta Description: Fluke 1000FLT: fluorescent light testing made easy.
  • S3 Part Number: 24846.1


  • Description

    • Performs five essential lighting tests in under 30 seconds:
      • Lamp test: Lamp Test (without removing from fixture)
      • Ballast Test
      • Non-contact voltage
      • Pin continuity Test
      • Ballast-type Test: electronic or magnetic
    • Survives on-the-job handling: 6' drop-tested
    • Easy to use: Bright indicator light plus audible alert
    • Built to last, easy to maintain: the Fluke 1000FLT's extendable test rod is all metal and very rugged
    • Three-year warranty

    The most complete lamp tester helps save you time, reduce costs
    The Fluke 1000FLT allows you to perform 5 tests with 1 compact tool. If your job requires keeping large numbers of fluorescent lights shining, the Fluke 1000FLT is an indispensable tool. This tester is a real time and money saver.

    The 1000FLT is a complete light tester, incorporating all tests and functions to find root cause of fluorescent lighting problems.

    1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester Lamp test 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester Ballast Test 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester Ballast Type test 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester Pin Continuity Test 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester non-contact voltage test
    Lamp Test Ballast Test Ballast-type Test Pin Continuity Test Non-contact Voltage

    Includes: quick reference guide, four AA (4) alkaline batteries, H1000 Holster, warranty card (3-year warranty).