3M 7100099823 Double Sided Foam Tape 1 x 4 yds

251-400 MFG #: 7100099823
$5.49 / ROLL
  • Drill Down Description: Double Sided Foam Tape, 1 x 4 yds
  • Model: 7100099823

  • Description

    1 x 4 yds. 4008 Double Sided Foam Tape. Fills gaps on irregular surfaces, distributes stress, seals, cushions, dampens vibrations, and resists impact. Premium grade.1/8 open cell polyurethane foam with firm acrylic adhesive. Ideal for many indoor applications or for exterior applications where the tape will be protected from the environment. Acrylic adhesive features high bond strength and high temperature and solvent resistance. Conformable foam with high sheer strength. Ideal temperature range is 70 F.- 100 F.