Keithley 7751 High Voltage Source/ Switch Module

25908.3 MFG #: 7751
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  • Condition: Used
  • Drill Down Description: High Voltage Source/ Switch Module
  • Model: 7751
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  • S3 Part Number: 25908.3

  • Description

    For use with the Model 2790 SourceMeter Switch System

    • 7751: High Voltage Source/Switch Module
    • 7752: Low Voltage Current Source Card
    • 7753: 1MOhm High Voltage Source/Switch Module
    • Sourcing and switching for airbag inflator testing with the Model 2790
    • Programmable 0 to 50mA current source
    • Programmable 50 to 500V voltage source
    • Built-in I/V converter
    • Low energy sources, a hardware source interlock, and programmable shunts help prevent accidental detonations

    The Model 7751, 7752, and 7753 Source/Switch Modules are designed exclusively for use in the Model 2790 SourceMeter Switch System for electrical checks of airbag inflators and a variety of other automotive electrical test applications. These modules provide the programmable high voltage and low current sourcing, plus the multichannel switching support required to measure insulation resistance and conductor continuity in these applications.

    The Model 7751 and 7753 modules include programmable DC voltage (50 to 500V) and current (0 to 50mA) sources, as well as relay switching. A built-in current-to-voltage converter on these modules is used with the voltage source to measure the insulation resistance. They can also be used to measure currents from 0 to 50μA.

    The switch matrix of the Model 7751 and 7753 simplifies implementing contact verification tests and allows the Model 2790 to verify test voltages and currents for increased measurement reliability.