Keysight BV0002B R-D5B-004-D R-D6B-004-L BenchVue Function Generator Pro Software

26601.7 MFG #: BV0002B R-D5B-004-D R-D6B-004-L
$312.46 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: BenchVue Function Generator Pro Software
  • Model: BV0002B R-D5B-004-D R-D6B-004-L
  • Web Meta Description: Keysight BenchVue offers multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming necessary.
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  • Description

    • Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously
    • Easily log data, screen images and system state
    • Recall past state of your bench to replicate results
    • Fast measurement data export in desired formats
    • Quickly access manuals, drivers, FAQs and videos
    • Monitor and control bench from mobile devices
    • Replaces IntuiLink software
    Keysight BenchVue Software

    Click, Capture, Done.
    Keysight BenchVue software for the PC eliminates many of the issues around bench testing. By making it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences you can quickly move past the test development phase and access results faster than ever before. You will derive answers faster than ever by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data and screen images with only a few clicks. Dedicated instrument apps allow you to quickly configure the most commonly used measurements and setups for each instrument family. Rapidly build custom test sequences with the integrated Test Flow app to automate and visualize test results without the need for instrument programming. Gain deeper access to instrument capabilities with Command Expert sequences integrated into Test Flow. The intuitive interface enables you to quickly create instrument test sequences significantly reducing test development time.

    Transfer screen shots and data from instruments
    With BenchVue, you get more from your instruments. BenchVue offers data logging and strip charts for your DMMs and power supplies, screen capture with annotation and trace data with preview charts for your oscilloscopes and waveform select and output control for your function generators. You can even control and push data across instruments with the ability to drag and drop waveforms between your oscilloscope and function generator. BenchVue supports many Keysight digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, data acquisition units, power supplies, function generators and counters — all from one application.

    With BenchVue, you get more from your instruments. BenchVue apps provide extensive data, trace and measurement logging capabilities and automation with Test Flow. BenchVue supports hundreds of Keysight instrument types and models all from one easy to use application. Control, Automate, Simplify with BenchVue.

    Create Custom Tests with the New BenchVue Test Flow App
    Improve your design work flow by using BenchVue Test Flow. Easily create custom sequences and analyze automated tests using your instruments increased test flexibility with no programming.

    • Easily build your own automated tests in seconds with the drag-and-drop interface
    • Enhance your test by combining multiple instrument controls
    • Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously
    • Easily log and export data and screen images in just a few clicks for faster analysis
    • Create automated test sequences fast with minimal instrument knowledge
    • Access deeper instrument controls and solutions
    • BenchVue Digital Multimeter Pro Software License (BV0001B)
      Control your digital multimeter to visualize measurements, perform data logging and annotate captured data. BV0001B provides histograms, digitizer capability and unrestricted data logging with limit checking and alerts.
    • BenchVue Function Generator Pro Software License (BV0002B)
      Control your function generator to set waveform properties and load custom arbitrary waveforms from files or drag-and-drop from an oscilloscope. BV0002B provides advanced waveform creation capabilities by linking BenchVue to Keysight Waveform Builder Pro Software.
    • BenchVue Power Supply Pro Software License (BV0003B)
      Control your power supply to set parameters, visualize power output and data log changing voltage and current over time. BV0003B provides unrestricted data logging and status alerts.
    BenchVue software BV9001B

    Complete Control Collection

    A single bundle with all BenchVue instrument control apps

    • BenchVue Oscilloscope Pro Software License (BV0004B)
      Control your oscilloscope to quickly capture and annotate screen images, record trace data and data log measurements. BV0004B provides unrestricted measurement data logging with limit-checking and alerts.
    • BenchVue Data Acquisition Pro Software License (BV0006B)
      Control your data acquisition unit to data log and visualize measurements in a wide array of display options. BV0006B provides unrestricted data logging.
    • BenchVue Power Meter App Pro Software License (BV0007B)
      controls your power sensors to data log and visualize measurements in a wide array of display options.
    • BenchVue FieldFox App Pro Software License (BV0010B)
      Control and automate spectrum and network analyzer measurements
    • BenchVue Universal Counter App Pro Software License (BV0011B)
      Data logging with graphs and easy export
    • BenchVue Electronic Load App Pro Software License (BV0012B)
      Control, automate, track and record your voltage, current, and resistance and easily configure modules in parallel
    • BenchVue Current Analyzer Control and Automation App (BV0013B)

    BenchVue Mobile App lets you monitor and respond to long running tests from anywhere for our most popular instrument families. Multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyzers and power supplies are all supported from one app. You can install BenchVue Mobile on an Android or Apple iOS device to control BenchVue bench applications running on your Windows computer. BenchVue mobile connects to your computer as a client, and requires that your mobile device and computer be connected to the same local network or intranet (behind the same corporate firewall). This network connection can be made via a WiFi connection inside your work location or externally through a VPN connection.

    LCR Meter App enables faster configuration of LCR meters on PCs
    The BenchVue LCR meter app, BV0014B, enables easy control of your LCR meter faster and more intuitively. In addition to basic and advanced instrument settings and measurements, you can quickly setup measurement corrections, sweep through parameters, and bin components into different groups.