Keithley 2230G-30-6 Programmable DC Power Supply

27242.2 MFG #: 2230G-30-6
$1,900.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: Programmable DC Power Supply
  • Model: 2230G-30-6
  • Watts: 375 W
  • Web Meta Description: Keithley 2230G-60-3 is a 375 Watt, 3-channel programmable power supply designed for engineers who are developing high power analog and digital components.
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  • Description

    • 375 Watts, 3-channels: 2 x 0 to 30 V, 0 to 6 A; 1 x 0 to 5 V, 0 to 3 A
    • All channels are independently controlled and are isolated to power a wide range of test setups
    • All channels have remote sensing so the programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load
    • Set and monitor output voltages with 0.03% basic accuracy and 1 mV resolution
    • Monitor load current with 0.1% basic accuracy and 1 mA resolution
    • Low noise, linear regulation with <1 mV rms ripple and noise
    • Combine channels in series to output as high as 60 V and in parallel with two or three channels to create capacity as high as 15 A
    • Convenience features simplify manual operation
    • Standard interfaces include: USB, GPIB, and RS-232
    • Three-year warranty

    High Power, 3-Channel Programmable Power
    The 2230G-30-6 3-channel programmable power supply provides 375 watts of power in a space-saving 2U high, half-rack width enclosure to power automotive circuits, LED drivers, power supplies, power ICs, and other high-power circuits. The 2230G-30-6 offers two 30 V, 6 A channels and a 5 V, 3 A channel. And, because the 2230G-30-6 is a linear power supply, its low noise will have minimal impact on a device-under-test (DUT). Each channel has a rectangular output characteristic to enable obtaining the full current at the maximum voltage so that the 2230G-30-6 can supply 60 V to a 6 A load.

    Isolated and independent outputs provide maximum flexibility
    Each output channel is both independent of the other channels and electrically isolated from the other channels. Therefore, the 2230G-30-6 can power circuits that are optically isolated or transformer-isolated from each other and have different reference points. The isolated channels eliminate the need for a second power supply to power one of the isolated circuits. Furthermore, each channel can be independently controlled so that channels can be independently turned on and turned off at any time. The 2230G-30-6 can power up a circuit with multiple voltage levels, such as a digital circuit with a 1.2 V microprocessor and FPGA, a 1.8 V memory, and 3.3 V digital I/O lines, in a sequence that safely brings up the lower voltages before the higher voltages are powered.

    Combine outputs of the 2230G-30-3 and the 2230G-30-6Series 2230G supplies allow you to combine channels in series and parallel
    Combine the two 30 V outputs of the 2230G-30-3 and the 2230G-30-6 in series to output up to 60 V with either 3 A or 6 A load current capacity. When higher load current is needed, either two or all three channels of each supply can be combined in parallel. The 2230G-30-6 can supply 12 A from its two 30 V channels. If the test circuit requires only a maximum of 5 V, then all three channels can be connected in parallel to supply up to 15 A. The Series 2230G supplies have display and control functions to simplify the task of combining channels in series and parallel. The display indicates whether the series or parallel mode has been selected and shows the total series voltage or parallel current output. The supply also manages the channels to ensure that each channel outputs an equivalent value.

    Protection for your DUT in both manual and automated operation
    The 2230G-30-6 has a set of features designed to protect the DUT. Each channel has a maximum voltage setting that prevents the output voltage from being accidentally adjusted above a programmed limit. Independent outputs allow a different limit to be programmed for each output channel. Also, a user-definable password allows the front panel to be locked to prevent any changes in parameters during testing. For unattended testing, programmable timers on each channel can turn the outputs off after a test has been completed. This ensures that a DUT that is not yet fully temperature controlled does not overheat due to the application of continuous power. To further aid manual testing, the 2230G-30-6 has valuable features that enable easy use for manual testing:

    • When the outputs are off, the display shows the previously programmed voltage and current settings. This ensures that an incorrect output is not applied to a DUT when the outputs are turned on.
    • The displays for all three channels are shown so each channel’s output is always visible to give the user immediate feedback on the status of the DUT.
    • Output voltages can be controlled by the rotary knob or with the numeric keypad to test DUT response to large changes or small changes.
    • Save the setup parameters for tests that are performed repetitively in one of 36 memory locations and save time reproducing each test. Front panel Save and Recall buttons make saving and recalling a setup an easy operation to perform.

    Included with 2230G-30-6: 2230G-CS-15 Screw Terminal Block (15 Terminals), 2230G-USB-1 USB Cable, 1 m (3.2 ft), 2230G-HRM Harmonic Reduction Module, Quick Start Guide, 174717200 Line Cord, Power Cord and Traceable Calibration Certificate.