General Reversible Ratchet Tap Wrench 3-1/2inch

$38.90 / EA
  • Tap Capacity: 1.6-6.3
  • Type: Reversible Ratchet
  • Drill Down Description: Reversible Ratchet Tap Wrench, 3-1/2" 400IE161"
  • Length UOM: " 400IE161"
  • Primary Keyword: Tap Wrench
  • S3 Product Index: 125-307

  • Description

    General’s Reversible Tap Wrenches feature a fine-tooth ratcheting mechanism which adjusts on the fly for right- and left-hand use. In addition, the ratchet can be locked to transform the tool into a standard tap wrench. The self-centering, hardened-steel jaws assure the formation of straight threads in your work piece. Although designed mainly for holding taps, the Reversible Tap Wrench also works great with reamers, drill bits, screw extractors and other hand-turned tools.
    • Wrench has a No. 0 to 1/4” tap capacity.