MicroCare MCC-P01 TIDYPEN® Cleaning Pen 10 mL

565CH016 MFG #: MCC-P01
$11.95 / BOX
  • Color: Pale Yellow
  • Container Type: Pen
  • Container Volume: 10
  • Odor: Orange
  • Type: Biodegradable
  • Container Volume UOM: mL
  • Description Price Table: TIDYPEN®, 10 mL
  • Drill Down Description: TIDYPEN® Cleaning Pen, 10 mL
  • Keywords: adhesive label tape remover, mighty pen, tidy pen MCC-PEN1
  • Model: MCC-P01
  • Primary Keyword: Cleaning Pen
  • S3 Page Number Text: 108, 2, 244, 250, 251, 403, 431, 442
  • S3 Product Index: 121-938
  • Size: 10 ml

Pen Style Eliminates Issues Such as Messy Applications, Spills, Odors and Fumes

  • Description
  • Removes flux
  • Removes labels
  • Removes tape residue from PCBs
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable organic solvent
  • Leaves no residue

The TIDYPEN® is a strong adhesive cleaning fluid packaged in the convenience of a portable and durable pen. Its powerful chemistry and unique packaging create a quick, easy and versitile cleaning tool. Applications stretch to many industries and cleaning needs, including the removal of labels, tapes, adhesives, bar code labels, conductive glues, chewing gum, tar and tree sap. The TidyPen is frequently used on production lines, benchtop cleaning, tool kits, labs and in everyday settings such as homes and offices. Only dispensing fluid when pressed down on a cleaning application, the TidyPen fluid is always used effectively with no-waste. The packaging is produced from aluminum, recyclable materials, making it spill-proof and everlasting.