Techni-Tool 758CH763 Flux Remover Non-Flammable Rosin 12 oz.

758CH763 MFG #: 758CH763
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  • Drill Down Description: Flux Remover Non-Flammable Rosin 12 oz.
  • Model: 758CH763

  • Description

    The industry's most powerful non-flammable defluxer with exceptional performance on rosin, no clean and high temperature lead-free materials. Very economical compared to other non-flammable flux removers. Quickly dissolves all types of contamination, including corrosive ionic deposits, and removes both polar and non-polar contamination. Safe for all types of electronics, including thru-hole boards, SMT designs, hybrids and connectors. ESD safe, low aroma, non-corrosive, ozone safe and residue free.Testing on soft plastics is recommended. 12 oz. aerosol.