Advanced Fiber Solutions AF-OLK62A-D-ST Single Mode & Multimode Fiber Test Kit

27111.1 MFG #: AF-OLK62A-D-ST
$2,885.00 / EA
  • Brand: Advanced Fiber Solutions
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: AF-OLK6 Series

  • Description

    Fiber Optic Power Meter and Light Source kit 2MM detector Compact light weight carrying case Storage of 500+ results dBm (absolute) + dB (relative) measurement Multimode and single mode applications Zero reference with dBm value displayed Cable Plant Reporter software Meter NIST calibration certificate included Meter: Back-lit display; auto power off; graphical display with testing guide

    Like the OLK5 series, the OLK6 series fiber optic test kits also offers a complete solution for the installer to test, terminate and trouble shoot a fiber optic system with the added capability to store 500 readings to a database that may be later downloaded to AFS's Cable Plant Reporter software for PC storage and Pass/Fail loss analysis. OLK6 Series kits are designed for single-mode, multimode and POF applications.

    AF-OM200 Series Power Meter
    The AF-OM200 series Fiber Optic Power Meter has the same high performance as the AF-OM100 series with the added advantage of a user selectable choice of 0.1 or 0.01 resolution, on board memory and a serial port connection for communication with a PC. PC software accompanies the meter for easy documentation of testing results. The AF-OM200 series is calibrated to +/-0.25dB of the NIST standard for each wavelength through the dynamic range of the meter. The AF-OM200 series is designed to measure loss (attenuation) and output power of both multimode and single-mode systems. The AF-OM200 series detectors are potted in a threaded housing for versatility and allows the user to interchange adapters for numerous connector types.

    The AF-OM210 has a measurement range of +3dBm to -55dBm, and is designed for Multimode, Premise and Plastic.

    The AF-OM220 has a measurement range of +3dBm to -55dBm, and is designed for Single-mode, Multimode, Outside plant and Premise.

    The AF-OM230 has a measurement range of +20dBm to -40dBm, and is designed for Single-mode, Long wavelengths and CATV.

    AF-OS400 Series Light Source
    The AF-OS400 series sources offer a complete line of sources for any testing application. Whether testing outside plant or premise an AF-OS400 series optical source will be perfect when combined with an AF-OM200 series optical power meter. On each source all wavelengths are individually adjustable, with the exception of the AF-OS405, allowing the user to use less battery power when high optical output power is not necessary, or to turn up the power to test long runs. This also makes it possible for the AF-OS420 LED source to test single-mode cables up to 5km at 1300nm.

    The AF-OS417-MD is for 650nm & 850nm and provides >-20.0dBm @ 850 into 62.5 micron fiber.

    The AF-OS420 is for 850nm & 1300nm and provides >-20.0dBm @850 & 1300 into 62.5 micron fiber.

    The AF-OS430 is for 1310nm & 1550nm and provides >-8.0dBm @1310 & 1550 into 62.5 micron fiber.

    PC Based Cable Plant Reporter
    The reporter package enables the user to download a saved Database from an OM200A series unit providing Pass/Fail analysis determined by the fiber length, number of connectors on the run, number of splices on the run and type of fiber being tested. This windows based software package is an easy way to download, analyze and document the results that are stored in the memory of the OM200A series meter. The results can be printed directly from the software.

    Kit Part Number Application Source Wavelength Kit Content
    AF-OLK61A-MM Multimode 850nm/1330nm AF-OM220A, AF-OS420
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    Single Mode 1310nm/1550nm AF-OM220A, AF-OS430-ST
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    Single Mode & Multimode AF-OS430: 1310nm/1550nm
    AF-OS420: 850nm/1330nm
    AF-OM220A, AF-OS430-ST, AF-OS420
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    CATV Single Mode 1310nm/1550nm AF-OM230A, AF-OS430-ST
    (Specify -FC,- ST, or- SC)
    CATV Single Mode & Multimode AF-OS430: 1310nm/1550nm
    AF-OS420: 850nm/1330nm
    AF-OM230A, AF-OS430-ST, AF-OS420
    AF-OLK61A-P POF & Multimode 850nm/650nm AF-OM210A, AF-OS417

    All kits include the Cable Plant Reporter software, USB cable, carrying case, one connector adapter, cleaning wipes, power adjustment tool and instructional manual.