Anritsu MG3700A Vector Signal Generator, 250 kHz to 3.0 GHz

22315.1 MFG #: MG3700A
$4,995.00 / EA

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Product Features

    Supports 250 kHz to 3.0 GHz/6.0 GHz frequencies Built-in 1 GB arbitrary waveform memory (512 MB x 2) expandable up to 2 GB (1 GB x 2) Built-in 120 MHz wide baseband generator Built-in 40 GB hard drive One unit outputs both wanted and interference signals (modulated signal/AWGN/wave delay) using waveform combination function Outputs modulated signals for various communication methods, including LTE FDD, LTE TDD (TD-LTE) and Mobile WiMAX (option dependent)

    The MG3700A Vector Signal Generator has a built-in, high-speed, arbitrary waveform baseband generator with a 160 MHz sampling rate. It supports a vector modulation bandwidth up to 120 MHz, has a large arbitrary waveform memory up to 2 GB, and outputs digital modulation signals for major mobile communications, including LTE FDD, LTE TDD, Mobile WiMAX, digital broadcasting ISDB-T/ISDB-Tmm, wireless LAN, GPS, etc.

    IQproducer is a PC software application for generating waveform patterns for the MG3700A. It has a parameter setting screen for each communication method, including LTE FDD, LTE TDD (TD-LTE) and Mobile, enabling users to set parameters for generating any waveform pattern. Transfer of generated waveform patterns to the MG3700A supports modulated signal output. In addition, IQproducer can convert ASCII files generated using EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools (MATLAB®*, etc.) to waveform files, supporting unique modulated signal measurements.

     Hardware  MG3700A  Base Model, 250 kHz to 3 GHz
     MG3700A-001  Rubidium Reference Oscillator
     MG3700A-002  Mechanical Attenuator
     MG3700A-011  Upper Frequency 6 GHz
     MG3700A-021  ARB Memory Upgrade 512 Msample
     MG3700A-031  High Speed BER Test Function
     MG3700A-101  Rubidium Reference Oscillator Retrofit
     MG3700A-102  Mechanical Attenuator Retrofit
     MG3700A-103  Electronic Attenuator Retrofit
     MG3700A-111  Upper Frequency 6 GHz Retrofit
     MG3700A-121  ARB Memory Upgrade 512 Msample Retrofit
     MG3700A-131  High Speed BER Test Function Retrofit
     (Waveform pattern)
     MX370001A  TD-SCDMA Waveform Pattern
     MX370002A  Public Radio System Waveform Pattern
     MX370101A  HSDPA/HSUPA IQproducer
     MX370102A  TDMA IQproducer
     MX370103A  CDMA2000 1xEV-DO IQproducer
     MX370104A  Multi-carrier IQproducer
     MX370105A  Mobile WiMAX IQproducer
     MX370106A  DVB-T/H IQproducer
     MX370107A  Fading IQproducer
     MX370108A  LTE IQproducer
     MX370109A  XG-PHS IQproducer
     MX370110A  LTE TDD IQproducer
     MX370111A  WLAN IQproducer
     Maintenance service  MG3700A-ES210  Extended Warranty Service (2 years)
     MG3700A-ES310  Extended Warranty Service (3 years)
     MG3700A-ES510  Extended Warranty Service (5 years)