Chroma 11800 Ripple Current Tester

25949.1 MFG #: 11800
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  • Brand: Chroma
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • 11800: 1 kHz; 11801: 100 kHz; 11810: 1 MHz
    • Digital constant current output and constant peak voltage output control function
    • Four terminal contact test jig design, ensure accurate monitoring of voltage dropped on capacitors under test (patent pending)
    • Paired cooper-foil wiring test cable to reduce voltage drop on the current driving loop and to ensure accurate monitoring of ac level dropped on capacitors under test (patent pending)
    • 0-500 V DC bias voltage source, 0.3% basic accuracy
    • 0.01 to 30A, 100Hz/120Hz/400Hz/1kHz AC ripple current source, (±0.5% reading+0.1% of range) basic accuracy (Model 11800)
    • 0.01 to 10A, 20kHz to 100kHz AC ripple current source, 2% basic accuracy (Model 11801)
    • 0.03 to 10A, 20kHz to 1MHz AC ripple current source (Model 11810)
    • Monitoring software (option) for multiple Ripple Current Testers
    • Lower power consumption and lower electricity cost
    • Large LCD display (320 x 240 dot-matrix)
    • Alarm for indicating of normal or abnormal test termination, Tested time will be recorded if the test is terminated abnormally. An automatic discharge is always performed after test termination
    • Standard RS485 interface is provided for computer monitoring
    • Optional 20-fixtures Series or Parallel test jigs
    • Digital timer inside
    • CE marking (Model 11800/11801)

    For Load-life Testing of Electrolytic Capacitors Used in Powerline Rectifiers
    The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 Ripple Current Testers are precision testers designed for electrolytic capacitors load life testing. They provide constant ripple current output and constant peak voltage (Vpeak = Vdc + Vac_peak) output digital control functions, making load-life testing for electrolytic capacitors easier and more reliable. And, The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 use excellent output amplifier design technology to reduce power consumption and internal temperature rising, reducing electricity costs while providing high-stability. The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 Ripple Current Testers are the perfect test solutions for electrolytic quality evaluation.

    Chroma 11800, 11801, 11810 Ripple Current Testers

    Model 11800 11801 11810
    Current Output Range 0.01 to 30A 0.01 to 10A 0.03 to 10A
    Frequency 100Hz/120Hz/400Hz/
    1kHz ±0.1%
    20kHz to 100kHz 20kHz to 1MHz
    Accuracy 0.030A to 0.199A ± (0.5% of reading +
    0.1% of range)
    ± (3% + 0.005 A) 0.03 to 0.30A,
    ± (3% + 0.01 A),
    0.40 to 10.0A,
    ± (2% + 0.05 A)
    0.20A to 1.99A ± (2.5% + 0.05 A)  
    2.0A to 10A ± (2% + 0.2 A)  
    10.0A to 30A
    Ripple Voltage Output Range 90Vrms / 10Arms,
    30Vrms / 30Arms
    15Vrms maximum

    Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications.