Chroma 63803 AC & DC Electronic Load

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  • Description

    • Power Rating: 1800W, 3600W, 4500W
    • Voltage Range: 50V to 350Vrms
    • Current Range: Up to 18Arms, 36Arms, 45Arms
    • Peak Current: Up to 54A, 108A, 135A
    • Parallel / 3-Phase Function
    • Frequency Range: 45 to 440Hz, DC
    • Crest Factor Range: 1.414 to 5.0
    • Power Factor Range: 0 to 1 lead or lag (Rectified mode)
    • CC, CR, CV, CP for DC Loading
    • Constant & Rectified Load Modes for AC Loading
    • Analog Voltage & Current Monitor
    • Timing Measurement for Battery, UPS, Fuse and Breaker tests
    • Measurement: V, I, PF, CF, P, Q, S, F, R, Ip+/- and THDv
    • Short circuit simulation
    • Full Protection: OC, OP, OT protection and OV alarm
    • GPIB & RS-232 included

    Chroma's 63800 Series AC & DC Electronic Loads are design for testing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Off-Grid Inverters, AC sources and other power devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors.

    The Chroma 63800 Loads can simulate load conditions under high crest factor and varying power factors with real time compensation even when the voltage waveform is distorted. This special feature provides real world simulation capability and prevents over-stressing thereby giving reliable and unbiased test results.

    The 63800's state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear rectified loads with its unique RLC operation mode. This mode improves stability by detecting the impedance of the UUT and dynamically adjusting the load's control bandwidth to ensure system stability.

    Comprehensive measurements allow users to monitor the output performance of the UUT. Additionally, voltage & current signals can be routed to an oscilloscope through analog outputs. The instrument's GPIB/RS-232 interface provide remote control & monitor for system integration. Built-in digital outputs may also be used to control external relays for short circuit (crowbar) testing.

    Chroma's 63800 Loads feature fan speed control ensuring low acoustic noise. The diagnosis/protection functions include self-diagnosis routines and protection against overpower, over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature.

    Complete AC & DC Load Simulations
    Chroma's 63800 AC & DC Electronic Load is designed for both AC & DC Load Simulations. Illustrated below are the various load modes which are available:
    Chroma 63800 Load Simulation

    AC Load Simulation
    The Model 63800 AC & DC Electronic Load provides two unique operating modes for AC load simulation; (1) Constant Load Modes and (2) Rectified AC Load Modes.

    Constant Load Modes
    The Constant Load Modes allow users to set the following operating modes: CC, CR and CP mode. The CC & CP modes in this category allow users to program PF or CF, or both. For CR mode the PF is always set to 1. The power factor range is limited based on crest factor programmed (Shown as Figure 1). If the programmed PF is positive then the current will lead the voltage waveform and when PF is set negative, the current will lag the voltage waveform.

    Chroma 63800 rectifier input ModeRectified AC Load Modes
    The 63800 AC & DC Electronic Load provides unique capability to simulate non-linear rectified loads for a wide range of testing applications. There are three load modes available for rectified load simulations: RLC, CP and Inrush Current. Figure 2 shows the typical model of a rectifier input. Under RLC mode, users can set the RLC values to 100% and simulate the behavior of the actual UUT. Figure 3 & 4 compares the voltage and loading waveforms between the actual RLC built circuit and the simulated rectified circuit by using Chroma's RLC load mode. The waveform obtained under CC mode with the same loading crest factor shown in Figure 5 below.

    Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6

    DC Load Simulation
    Chroma's 63800 DC load simulation includes four load modes: constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage and constant power. CC, CR, CP modes can be used for regulated voltage power supply testing. For battery charger, CV mode may help to check its current regulation. Many inverter designs, although its input is DC, show an input current and will show rectified pattern. This unique load mode makes the Chroma 63800 load ideal for Fuel Cell, PV module/array and Battery testing.

    Comprehensive Measurements
    Chroma's 63800 Series AC & DC Electronic Loads include built-in 16-bits precision measurement circuits to measure the steady-state and transient responses for true RMS voltage, true RMS current, true power(P), apparent power(S), reactive power(Q), crest factor, power factor, THDv and peak repetitive current. In additional to these discrete measurements, two analog outputs, one for voltage and one for current, are provided as a convenient means of monitoring these signals via an external oscilloscope.

    Timing Measurement
    Timing parameters are critical to many products such as UPSs, breakers and fuses. The 63800 AC & DC Load also includes a unique timing and measurement function to measure the trip time of fuses & circuit breakers or the transfer time for UPSs (Off-Line).

    Automatic Bandwidth Adjustment (ABA)
    When the UUT has a higher output impedance, the current waveform will not be stable without ABA. In most cases, the loading current will be oscillating and spoil the test.

    Parallel / 3-Phase Control
    The 63800 series provides parallel and 3-phase functions for high power and three phase applications. All the models within the 63800 series can be used together for both parallel and 3-phase functions as well as paralleled AC Load units in a 3-phase configuration, providing excellent flexibility and cost savings for the 63800 series AC load.

    Auto Power Factor Correction
    Setting the power factor is one of the major features to the 63800. The power factor is defined as:
    Chroma 63800 Power factor
    Since PF is a function of real time voltage and current, traditional AC load designs assume the voltage waveform to be sinusoidal all the time, as seen Figure 13. This is not realistic because the voltage waveform may be distorted after the load is applied shown in Figure 14.
    Chroma 63800 Power Factor

    63800 Series AC & DC Electronic Loads
    1800W, 8A
    3600W, 6A
    4500W, 45A