Chroma 6530 AC Power Source

18987.2 MFG #: 6530
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  • Brand: Chroma
  • Condition: Rental

  • Description

    • 3 kVA, 0 to 300 Vrms, 15 Hz to 2 kHz output
    • Delivers full power with up to 3:1 Crest Factor loads
    • Direct Digital Synthesis waveform generation
    • Programmable sine, square, or distorted sine waveform output
    • Programmable voltage, current limit, frequency, phase, and distortion
    • Power line disturbance simulation
    • Harmonic waveform library with 30 factory presets
    • User programmable sequential output waveforms
    • Powerful measurement of Vrms, Irms, Ipk, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor, inrush current, VA, VAR
    • Input power factor correction
    • Built-in output isolation relays
    • User-definable power-on state
    • Optional GPIB, RS-232C, analog programming, Centronics printer port


    Global AC power testing requirements demand a sophisticated AC Power Source that is capable of simulating a wide variety of AC line conditions, harmonic waveforms, accurate power measurement and analysis. The Chroma 6530 Programmable AC Power Source is rated at 3 kVA, single-phase, and delivers a wide variety of normal/abnormal input conditions and measures the critical characteristics of the product under test. It can be used for R&D design characterization, production testing, and QA verification of commercial, industrial, and aerospace electronic products.

    The Chroma 6530 delivers maximum rated power for any output voltage up to 300 VAC, and at any frequency between 15 Hz to 2,000 Hz. It is suitable for commercial applications (47-63 Hz); for avionics, marine, military applications at 400 Hz; or for electrical motor, air-conditioner test applications at 20 Hz. All models generate very clean sine or square waveforms output with typical distortion less than 0.5%.

    DDS Waveform Generator
    The Chroma 6530 has a built-in Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Waveform Generator to provide user programmable high precision waveforms. For testing products under AC line distortion conditions, distorted sinewaves can be generated with 0% to 43% distortion and amplitude from 0% to 100%. It also can simulate power line disturbances such as cycle dropout, transient spike, brown out, phase angle, voltage and frequency ramp up/down, and more.

    Comprehensive Waveform Library
    30 preset harmonic waveforms are factory installed, enabling fast testing for compliance to AC line harmonic immunity standards. These waveforms include simulations of ferroresonant, inverter, line conditioner, line filter, triangle, pulse, and peak spike conditions. Additionally, there are 6 user-defined waveform buffers.

    Transient Power Line Disturbance Simulation
    and Pulse modes offer an easy method of executing single-step or continuous output changes. The output voltage, frequency, phase angle, and shape can be controlled in response to an input trigger generated from an internal or external event. This makes it easy to simulate conditions such as cycle dropout, transient spike, brown out, and ramp up. With List transient mode, up to 40 sequences of output settings can be executed in response to a trigger or by programmed dwell time without a computer. Output triggers can be generated at the beginning and end of each List loop setup to synchronize external events and to simulate power line disturbances for Voltage Dip and Variation to meet IEC1000-4-11.

    Powerful Measurement Capability
    The 6530 has a built-in 16-bit precision measurement circuit to offer precision and high speed measurement of Vrms, Irms, Ipk+, Ipk-, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor, inrush current, VA, and VAR. Using the high speed sampling circuit, it can present the measured voltage and current as a waveform on the LCD display for transient state analysis without the need for an oscilloscope.

    Versatile Operation
    The 6530 is easy to operate from the front panel keypad or the optional GPIB/RS-232C interface. The optional interface also has a Centronics port for printing measurement results to an HP LaserJet printer.

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