Fluke 190-504/AM/S ScopeMeter II

19134.11 MFG #: 190-504/AM/S
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  • Brand: Fluke
  • Condition: Rental
  • Family Models: 190-504

  • Description

    • 500 MHz, four independent floating isolated inputs, up to 1000 V
    • 5 GS/s real time sampling
    • Deep memory: 10,000 points per trace waveform capture (scope mode)
    • CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V safety rated for industrial environments
    • Up to seven hours of battery operation using BP291
    • Isolated USB host port for direct data storage to a USB memory device; USB device port for easy PC communication
    • Easy access battery door for quick battery swaps in the field
    • Compact and only 2.2 kg (4.8 lb)
    • Security slot: lock down oscilloscope with Kensington® lock
    • IP51 rating, dust- and drip-proof
    • Connect-and-View™ triggering for intelligent, automatic triggering on fast, slow and even complex signals
    • Frequency spectrum using FFT-analysis
    • Automatic capture and REPLAY of 100 screens
    • ScopeRecord™ Roll mode gives 30,000 points per input channel for low frequency signal analysis
    • Long-term automatic measurements w /TrendPlot™ paperless recorder

    The Fluke 190-504: 4-Channels, High-performance — Built for Harsh Industrial Environments.

    The new 190-504 ScopeMeter® test tool is the World's only 4-channel 500 MHz handheld oscilloscope. Like all ScopeMeter II Series ScopeMeters it's built to withstand hard environments with the highest safety rating. It allows multiple measurements simultaneously to track down the root cause of the most complex troubleshooting challenges.

    The 4-channel 500 MHz ScopeMeter oscilloscope has four electrically isolated channels, and is safety rated for industrial applications. This scope combines rugged portability with the high performance of bench oscilloscopes to take you from troubleshooting microelectronics all the way into power electronic applications.

    Its four channels and 500MHz of bandwidth, 5 GS sampling rate, and maximum resolution of 999 counts allows high-accuracy capture and display of waveform details, noise, and other disturbances.

    Perform timing or amplitude related measurements on three phases or three-axis control systems or simply compare and contrast multiple test points in a circuit under test. Features like TrendPlot™, ScopeRecord™, and Connect-and-View™ help you quickly diagnose industrial machinery, automation and process controls, and power electronics to minimize repair costs and downtime. These features make the oscilloscopes easy to use especially when diagnosing the most difficult problems like complex waveforms, intermittent events and signal fluctuations or drift.

    New Li-ion battery technology keeps your scope on the job, all day.

    Includes: four (4) TRM 50; Coaxial Feed through connectors, four (4) VPS 410-x probes (one red, one blue, one grey, one green), BC 190 Energy efficient Universal Power Supply 100-240V ±10%, BP 291 High capacity Li-ion battery pack (4800mAh), Flukeview™ Software (limited demo version), Hanging strap and hand strap, Multi-language user manuals on CD, and USB interface cable.
    The /S-version also includes the C290 hard-shell carrying case and the FlukeView software package.

    Watch Fluke ScopeMeters perform in harsh applications.