Fluke 438-II Three-Phase Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

25076.1 MFG #: 438-II
$10,149.99 / EA
  • Brand: Fluke
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: FLUKE 438-II

  • Description

    Fluke Connect: the Largest Suite of Connected Test Tools

    Analyze Key Motor Performance Parameters Quickly and Easily

    • Measure key parameters on direct-on-line motors including torque, RPM, mechanical power and motor efficiency
    • Perform dynamic motor analysis by plotting of motor de-rating factor against load according to NEMA guidelines
    • Calculate mechanical power and efficiency without the need of mechanical sensors, just connect to the input conductors and you’re ready to go
    • Measure electrical power parameters such as voltage, current, power, apparent power, power factor, harmonic distortion and unbalance to identify characteristics that impact motor efficiency
    • Identify power quality issues such as dips, swells, transients, harmonics and unbalance
    • PowerWave data technology captures fast RMS data, and shows half-cycle averages and waveforms to characterize electrical system dynamics (generator start-ups, UPS switching etc.)
    • Waveform capture function captures 100/120 cycles (50/60 Hz) of each event detected event, in all modes, without set-up
    • Automatic transient mode captures waveform data at 200 kS/s on all phases simultaneously up to 6 kV
    • Fluke Connect Compatible: View data locally on the instrument, via Fluke Connect mobile app and PowerLog 430-II desktop software
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    Quickly and easily discover electrical and mechanical performance of electric motors, and evaluate power quality with a single test tool
    The new Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer adds key mechanical measurement capabilities for electric motors to the advanced power quality analysis functions of the Fluke 430 Series II Power Quality Analyzers. Quickly and easily measure and analyze key electrical and mechanical performance parameters such as power, harmonics, unbalance, motor speed, torque and mechanical power without the need of mechanical sensors.

    The ideal portable motor analysis test tool, the 438-II can help locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems, while giving technicians the mechanical and electrical information they need to effectively evaluate motor performance.

    Fluke 438-II mechanical metering functions
    Using proprietary algorithms, the Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer uses three phase current and voltage waveforms to calculate motor torque, speed, load and efficiency at a 1 second update rate. The motor air gap field, as observed via the voltage/current waveforms, provides the basis for the measurements. Mechanical sensors and intrusive no-load motor testing is not required, making it faster than ever to analyze overall electric motor performance. Key measurements: Electrical power, harmonics, unbalance, motor speed, torque and mechanical power without the need of mechanical sensors.

    Motor tests with Fluke 438-II
    Easily connect voltage leads and flexible current probes to the service supplying the motor.
    • Motor torque (rotational force)
      The motor torque is the single most critical variable that characterizes the instantaneous mechanical performance of rotating equipment driven by electric motors.
    • Motor speed (motor shaft rotational speed)
      Combined with the motor torque, motor speed provides a snapshot of the mechanical performance of rotating equipment driven by electric motors.
    • Motor mechanical load (actual mechanical power)
      provides a direct link to overloading conditions without simply basing it on the motor current.
    • Motor efficiency
      Shows the effectiveness of each motor within a machine, assembly line, plant, and/or facility in converting electric power to useful mechanical work. By properly aggregating the efficiencies of a population

    438PQ measures 3 phase electrical signals
    Fluke's 438 II Power Quality Analyzer dynamically measures critical mechanical parameters using three-phase electrical signals, as well as Event Waveforms, Flicker, Transients, Mains Signaling, and Power Wave.

    Motor Analysis functionality is available in Fluke 435-II and 437-II Power Quality Analyzers with the FLUKE 430-II/MA option.

    Included with Fluke 438-II: test lead set, 4 x i430 Thin Flexi Current Probes, battery, power adapter, combination WiFi/SD Card, soft carrying case, PowerLog 430-II software and documentation on CD. Fluke 438-II/Basic includes same except for Thin Flexi Current Clamps and Combination WiFi/SD Card.