Fluke 481 Radiation Survey Meter

25016.1 MFG #: 481
$3,480.00 / EA
  • Brand: Fluke
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: FLUKE 481

  • Description

    • Detects skin-dose (beta particle) and deep-dose (gamma) and X-ray radioactivity
    • Requires no adjustments; simple two button process
    • Provides promptly read, correct value through autoranging capability
    • Easily visible inside truck trailers and other low-light situations with automated backlight
    • Works dependably inside or outside thanks to sealed case
    • 30 % more precise than other available meters
    • Two 9-volt alkaline batteries provide over one week of uninterrupted use
    • Proven in use by governmental emergency response inspectors, HAZMAT teams and nuclear power workers
    • Measures both dose and dose-rate
    • Valuable for contamination-detection, general radiation area metering, radiation-level monitoring, and hazardous materials assessment
    • Rugged Fluke design

    Fluke 481 Radiation Survey MeterThe Fluke 481 Radiation Detection Meter is a portable and practical means for discovering irradiated goods, and for helping remediate contaminant and safety issues while minimally affecting performances. Ideal for detecting irradiated goods, equipment, surfaces or environments in industrial settings, the 481 Radiation Meter helps ascertain worker safety and compliance to federal regulations.

    Fluke 481 detects radiation dangers to that they can be monitored and calculated for their security. Whenever radiation is found, a clear and quantifiable result provides handlers to comply with federal guidelines while avoiding unnecessary steps that could stop procedures, impact productivity or lead to missed revenue.