Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

27064.1 MFG #: 729
$8,999.99 / EA
  • Brand: Fluke
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: FLK-729 300G

  • Description

    Automatic pressure testing and documentation for faster, more accurate results

    • Automatic pressure generation and regulation to 300 psi
    • Easily document the process using onboard test templates
    • Automatic internal fine-pressure adjustment
    • Measure, source and simulate 4 to 20 mA signals
    • 24V loop power for powering transmitters for tests
    • Bright dual/triple-channel color graphical display
    • HART communication for testing HART smart transmitters
    • Built in leak testing for verifying test setups for leakage
    • Rugged portable design with standard 3-year warranty
    • Fluke Connect® App compatibility (FC Models) – Measure temp. with optional 720RTD probe
    • Measure Vdc for testing 1 V dc to 5 V dc output transmitters
    • Compatible with 700 Series and 750 Series pressure modules
    • Upload documented test results to DPCTrack2™ Calibration Management Software
    • Innovative semi-rigid carrying case designed for field work
    • Three-year warranty
    • View DPCTrack2 Video

    Portable automatic pressure calibrator simplifies pressure calibration
    The Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator has been designed specifically with process technicians in mind to simplify the pressure calibration process and provide faster, more accurate test results. Technicians know that calibrating pressure can be a time consuming task, but the 729 makes it easier than ever with an internal electric pump that provides automatic pressure generation and regulation in an in an easy-to-use, rugged, portable package.

    The ideal portable pressure calibrator, the 729 allows you to simply type in

    The Fluke 729 can also automatically test multiple pressure test points and automatically document the results. Calibration is as easy as typing in the starting and ending pressure and the number of test points and tolerance level. The 729 does the rest.

    Built-in HART communication capabilities enable HART transmitter mA adjustments, light HART configuration and the ability to adjust to applied 0% and 100% values.

    Upload and manage documented calibration results with DPCTrack2™ Calibration Management Software, making it easy to manage your instrumentation, create scheduled tests and reports, and manage calibration data.

    With three ranges to choose from, 30 psi (2 bar, 200 kPa), 150 psi (10 bar, 1 MPa) and 300 psi (20 bar, 2 MPa), Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrators are designed to perform when and where you need them.

    The Fluke 729 is well-suited for calibration needs of Facility, Operations, and Maintenance Managers as well as Technicians and Pressure Calibration Specialists in gas and oil refining, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.

    Purchase a 729 300G FC with DPCTrack2 and Save $2,000
    DPCTrack2 is a best-in-class calibration management software product for managing calibration records of process Instruments. DPCTrack2 can also create custom procedures for process pressure instruments and download them to the Fluke 729. In the field, technicians can select these procedures and document instrument calibration test results in the field. The Fluke-729 300 FC combined with DPCTrack2 software creates a seamless, paperless field instrument calibration solution.

    Fluke 729 Fluke Connect
    Eliminate data-entry errors with Fluke Connect: wireless one-step transfer
      Psi range Bar range kPa range wireless communication
    729 30G -12.0 to 30.0 -0.82737 to 2.06842 82.737 to 206.843 No
    729 150G -12.0 to 150.0 -0.8273 to 10.3421 -82.73 to 1034.21 No
    729 300G -12.0 to 300.0 -0.8273 to 20.6843 -82.73 to 2068.43 No
    729 30G FC -12.0 to 30.0 -0.82737 to 2.06842 -82.737 to 206.843 Yes: Fluke Connect
    729 150G FC -12.0 to 150.0 -0.8273 to 10.3421 -82.73 to 1034.21 Yes: Fluke Connect
    729 300G FC -12.0 to 300.0 -0.8273 to 20.6843 -82.73 to 2068.43 Yes: Fluke Connect

    Included with Fluke 729 and 729/750SW BU: soft case, stackable test leads, AC280 hook clips, alligator clips, test probes, magnetic hanger kit, carrying strap, quick start guide, safety sheet, power supply, rechargeable battery (installed), hose kit with push fit adapters, hanging clip, USB cable, 1/8 in FNPT to 1/4 in FNPT adapter, 1/8 in FNPT to F-M20 adapter, 1/8 in FNPT to 1/4 in FBSP adapter, PTFE tape, (2) sintered filters, water trap drain and valve tuning hoses. Wireless Versions (FC) also include a wireless adapter.