Fluke 87-5 (87V) Industrial True-RMS Multimeter with Temperature (DMM)

12675.2 MFG #: 87-5 (87V)
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Product Features

    • True-rms ac voltage and current
    • Built in thermometer
    • Measure up to 1000 V ac and dc
    • Measure up to 10 A (20 A for 30 seconds)
    • 10,000 µF capacitance range
    • Frequency to 200 kHz and % duty cycle
    • Peak capture to record transients as fast as 250 µs
    • 6,000 counts updates 4/sec; 19,999 Counts in high resolution mode
    • Lifetime warranty

    Accuracy and diagnostic functions for maximum industrial productivity
    The Fluke 87V (Fluke 87-5) has improved measurement functions, troubleshooting features, resolution and accuracy to solve more problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment.

    Features for maximum productivity

    • Unique function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment
    • Built-in thermometer conveniently allows you to take temperature readings without carrying a separate instrument
    • Optional magnetic hanger for easy setup and viewing while freeing your hands for other tasks
    • Large digit display with bright, two-level backlight makes the 80 Series V significantly easier to read than older models
    • Withstands hazardous 8,000 volt spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits and complies with second edition IEC and ANSI electrical safety standards

    Save time maintaining adjustable speed motor drive systems with the 87V

    • Pinpoint problems faster with the 87V. Correctly measures the pulse width modulated output produced by ASDs
    • Accurately measure true-rms ac voltage, current (with optional i410 or i1010 current clamp accessories) and frequency at the motor and at the drive terminals

    Included accessories
    TL75 Test Leads, Alligator Clips, holster, 9 V battery (installed), temperature probe, CD-ROM (user's manual and technical notes) and operator's guide.

    Note: Fluke does not include a calibration certificate with these meters.

    Flukei1010AC/DC Current Clamp AC to 600 A, DC to 1000 A
    Flukei200sAC Current Clamp 0.1 to 24 A and 0.5 to 240 A
    FlukeTL81ADeluxe Electronic Test Lead Set
    FlukeTL910Electronic Test Probes Very small 1 mm tips to access hard-to-reach test points. Probe tip length up to 100 mm, test lead length: 1 m. Included: 3 sets of spring loaded gold tips and 2 sets of stainless steel tips. CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V, 3 A rating.
    FlukeTLK-220SureGrip Industrial Test Lead Kit
    FlukeC25Large Soft Case for DMMs Zippered carrying case with padding and inside pocket, 8.6 in x 5 in x 2.52 in
    FlukeAC285SureGrip™ Alligator Clips One pair (red, black), large clips with nickel-plated steel jaws. 1000 V, 10 A
    FlukeH900Test Lead Holder Has 10 slots for wires up to 8 mm in diameter
    FlukeTL220Industrial Test Lead Set SureGrip™
    FlukeTL223Electrical Test Lead Set 220 Set, TP1 Probe, TL224 Clip, 1-year warranty
    FlukeTLK-225SureGrip Master Accessory Set
    FlukeC1600Gear Box for Meter and Accessories Deep interior large enough to hold and protect your gear.
    FlukeC35Soft Carrying Case Polyester, For Fluke 20, 70, 11X, 170 Series DMM, Black/Yellow
    FlukeCXT80Extreme Case (Pelican) Unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. For DMMs and Process Tools
    FlukeTPAKToolPak Universal Hanger with Magnet
    (Fluke p/n: 1281997 UPC Code: 0 95969 08263 1)
    Flukei1010 KITSpecial Value Kit Includes i1010 and zippered vinyl carry case with movable divider.
    Flukei400sAC Current Clamp 0.5 A to 400 A
    Fluke80K-40High Voltage Probe
    Fluke80AK-AThermocouple Adapter Thermocouple probe not included. See Fluke 80PK Series.
    Fluke80PK-26Tapered Probe Type-K thermocouple with tapered tip for use in air, non-caustic gas and surface applications, -40 to 816°C
    FlukeL210Probe Light Kit L200 Probe Light and TP280 8" Test Probe Extenders
    FlukeAC175Threaded Alligator Clip Set With two slide-on alligator clips (red, black), insulated alligator clip jaws provide 8 mm opening with flexible boots
    FlukeH80MProtective Holster with Magnetic Hanging Strap
    FlukeCAMO-C25/BDCamouflage Soft Carrying Case Blue Digital Camo, Zippered w/ padding and inside pocket, 8.75 in x 5.5 in x 2.5 in
    (Fluke p/n: 4911574)
    FlukeCAMO-C25/FOCamouflage Soft Carrying Case Forest camo, Zippered w/ padding and inside pocket, 8.75 in x 5.5 in x 2.5 in
    (Fluke p/n: 4911588)
    FlukeCAMO-C25/WDCamouflage Soft Carrying Case Woodland Digital, Zippered w/ padding and inside pocket, 8.75 in x 5.5 in x 2.5 in
    (Fluke p/n: 4911595)
    FlukeCAMO-C25/WLCamouflage Soft Carrying Case Woodland Camo, Zippered w/ padding and inside pocket, 8.75 in x 5.5 in x 2.5 in
    (Fluke p/n: 4911602)
    FlukeCAMO-C25Camouflage Soft Carrying Case Desert Digital, Zippered w/ padding and inside pocket, 8.6 in x 5 in x 2.52 in
    (Fluke p/n: 4110632 UPC Code: 0 95969 61463 4)
    FlukeHC80Soft Carrying Case and Holster durable, polyester carrying case with an inside pocket, belt loop and open top flap design. 9" x 5" x 2.5"
    (Fluke p/n: 4911616)