Fluke 8808A Digital Multimeter

16692.1 MFG #: FLUKE 8808A
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Product Features

    • 5.5 digit resolution
    • Dual vacuum fluorescent display
    • Measures V dc/ac, I dc/ac, Ohms, Frequency, Continuity, Diode
    • Basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.015%
    • Min, Max, Rel, dB, dBm
    • 2x4 wire ohms measurement technique
    • Dedicated dc leakage current ranges
    • Six dedicated buttons for direct access to instrument setups
    • Hi/Lo limit compare for Pass/Fail testing
    • RS-232 interface
    • Fluke 45 Emulation
    • Now includes USB to RS-232 interface adapter cable and FlukeView Forms Basic Software
    • 3-Year warranty

    The Fluke 8808A multimeter has a broad range of functions, measuring volts, ohms and amps with a basic V dc accuracy of 0.01%. It is remarkably easy to use, even by unskilled operators, because it makes the measurements you perform most often extremely easy and fast to do.

    Six setup buttons on the 8808A front panel operate like a car radio's station presets. Simply set up the meter for a common measurement, then press shift followed by a setup button (S1 to S6) to save the setup. Now each time you perform that measurement, you simply press the appropriate setup key. It's that easy!

    The setup buttons eliminate the need to follow complex work instruction sheets. Operators no longer need to press multiple buttons to set up a measurement function and range, test limits, or enter other parameters to make a measurement.

    Measure two parameters at once
    The 8808A features a unique dual display that allows you to measure two different parameters of the same signal from one test connection. Looking at dual interrelated parameters like voltage and current simultaneously can reveal conditions that might go unnoticed otherwise, greatly simplifying test and troubleshooting.

    Measure sensitive leakage current
    Using a typical multimeter to perform a sensitive low current measurement of less than 100 mA can load the circuit under test while the measurement is made. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to perform tasks such as determining the leakage current on a battery-powered device while it is powered down. The Fluke 8808A is the only multimeter in its class to use a high impedance input technique to perform this type of critical leakage current measurement. In this special mode, the 8808A can measure small currents with a resolution of up to 100 nA, without loading the circuit under test.

    Includes: Meter, TL71 test leads, line cord, USB to RS-232 interface adapter cable, FlukeView Forms Basic Software, statement of cal practices, WEEE information sheet, Warranty statement, Getting Started guide (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese), CD Rom with user manual (English).

    Note: Fluke does not include a calibration certificate with these meters.

    FlukeTL2X4W-PTII2x4 Wire OhmsTest Lead, 2 mm Probe Tip Perform 4-wire measurements with only two test leads. Two conductors per lead (one source and one measure).
    FlukeY8846DRack Mount Kit, Dual Enables mounting two meters side-by-side in a standard 19-inch rack
    FlukeY8846SRack Mount Kit, Single Enables mounting one meter in a standard 19-inch rack
    FlukeTL910Electronic Test Probes Very small 1 mm tips to access hard-to-reach test points. Probe tip length up to 100 mm, test lead length: 1 m. Included: 3 sets of spring loaded gold tips and 2 sets of stainless steel tips. CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V, 3 A rating.
    Fluke884X-USBUSB to RS-232 Cable Adapter Converts from standard DB 9-pin serial to USB 2.0. 1.65 m cable length. Includes cable and USB driver disk (CD-ROM).
    Fluke884X-SHORT4-Wire Short 4-terminal shorting bar. 4 mm banana terminals sized and orientated to short DMM input source and sense terminals. Used to null out front end offsets or as required by the calibration procedure