Fluke 8846A/SU Precision Multimeter

16200.2 MFG #: 8846A/SU
$1,845.00 / EA
  • Brand: Fluke
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: 8846A
  • Display Digits: 6.5
  • True RMS: Yes

  • Description

    • 6.5 Digit Resolution
    • Graphical Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    • Basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024%
    • 100 µA to 10 A Current
    • 10 Ohm to 1 GOhm Resistance
    • 2x4 Wire Ohms measurement technique
    • Analytical Modes: TrendPlot™, Histogram and Statistics
    • USB Device Port, for memory storage devices
    • RS-232, GPIB and LAN Interfaces
    • Popular DMM emulation modes
    • Frequency, Period, Capacitance & RTD Temperature measurements
    • Now includes USB to RS-232 Cable Adapter
    • Fluke 45 and Keysight 34401A emulation modes
    • Three-year warranty

    With 14 measurement functions and math and analysis modes, the 8846A will meet the needs of any test or research application.
    Exceed Your Expectations for Performance and Value!

    The Fluke 8846A 6.5 digit precision CAT II 600 V multimeter has the precision and versatility to handle your most demanding measurements, on the bench or in a system.

    Graphical Display Modes: including Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics and histograms—features you won't find on other multimeters.

    Wide Measurement Ranges: Resistance or current has been extended to cover the widest range possible. The 8846A resistance measurements range is extended from 10 ohm up to 1 GigOhm with a resolution of up to 10 µOhms. For DC current measurements, the 8846A ranges from 100 µAmp to 10 Amp with a maximum resolution of 100 pico Amps.

    Perform 4-wire measurements easily with two leads: Patented split terminal jacks for 2x4 Ohms function allow you to perform precise 4-wire measurements with only two leads instead of four. Optional Kelvin leads accessories are available to enable you to establish a 4-wire connection even in tight spaces.

    Fluke extended performance and capabilities: The 8846A increases basic V dc accuracy to 0.0025% plus adds measurements like capacitance, RTD temperature and dBm. The 8846A also includes a USB device port to connect a standard USB memory storage devices. USB memory is a convenient way to store or transfer critical data to your PC.

    Systems Capabilities: RS-232, GPIB and Ethernet interface are included. The Fluke 8846A emulates operation and programming commands of the Fluke 45 and Keysight 34401A. Emulation shortens the learning curve and makes it easy to fit the 8846A into existing test systems.

    FlukeView® Forms Basic: The Fluke 8846A ships with a free copy of FlukeView Basic. Transfer data points from your meter to your PC and use the two standard, non-customizable forms to display your readings in table or graphical form. For a larger array of forms or to use FlukeView® Forms Designer to customize your forms, upgrade to FlukeView® Forms version 3.0 with FVF-UG.

    Compare Fluke's 8845A and 8846A Precision Multimeters.

    Feature 8845A 8846A
    Resolution 6.5 digits
    Display Dual, Graphical
    V dc range 1000 V
    V dc accuracy 0.0035 % + 5 ppm 0.0025 % + 2 ppm
    V ac range 750 V 1000 V
    V ac accuracy 0.06 % + 0.03 % Rng
    V ac freq. response  300 kHz
    I dc range 10 A
    Ohms 100 to 300 M 10 to 1G
    2x4 Wire Ohms Yes (Test Lead Set Opt.) Yes (Test Leads Included)
    Frequency & period 3 Hz to 1 MHz
    Continuity & diode Yes
    Capacitance 1 nF to 10 F
    Temperature RTD
    Interfaces GPIB, RS-232, LAN
    Removable memory USB memory port
    Mathematics Min/Max/Avg, Hi/Lo Limit, mX+b

    Please see Data Sheet for full specifications.

    Use the built-in TrendPlot paperless chart recorder to graphically identify the extent of drift and intermittent events in analog circuits.
    View results in Histogram mode to reveal stability or noise problems in analog circuits.
    Math and Statistics
    Handle even the most demanding measurements with high accuracy and 6.5 digit resolution