Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer

21362.1 MFG #: VT04A
$519.99 / EA
  • Brand: Fluke
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: FLK-VT04A GLOBAL

  • Description

    • -10°C to +250°C (14°F to 482°F)
    • VT04 performance with AA battery flexibility
    • Visual image and infrared heat map blending
    • Center-point temperature and hot and cold markers
    • High/low temperature and Auto-monitor alarms
    • Pocket-size design
    • Intuitive interface
    • SmartView® reporting software
    • Time-lapse image capture
    • Fits your budget
    • Two-year warranty
    • Visual IR Thermometer Overview

    Detect issues instantly
    Eliminate the need to search spot-by-spot for temperature-related issues. Combining the visual advantage of an infrared heat map with the portability of an infrared thermometer, the Fluke VT04A Visual IR Thermometer blends a visual image with a heat map overlay, so you can instantly see temperature patterns that may indicate a potential issue.

    Pocket-sized, Toolbox Ready
    Small enough to fit in your pocket, intuitive enough to use right out of the box, affordable enough to outfit your entire team, the VT04A is the ideal frontline troubleshooting tool to detect and report potential issues and verify repairs have been made.

    Gain confidence in what you are measuring
    Unlike traditional IR thermometers that show only an average temperature of an area that could include your target's background, the VT04A shows you the exact area your measurement is based on. The blended image on the VT04A enables you to instantly identify the location of the apparent hot and cold areas on your equipment. With the VT04A, you can see in one blended image what it would have taken many measurements with a spot IR thermometer to interpret.

    Get the performance you need and the features you want
    The VT04A Visual IR Thermometer offers a center-point temperature measurement with a range of 10°C to +250°C, hot and cold markers that track the hottest and coldest areas in your field of view, and a heat map that shows you the temperature pattern at a glance. It is focus-free and gives you an accurately aligned blended visual image and infrared heat map when closer than 23 cm from your target on NEAR mode and beyond on FAR mode. The VT04A additionally offers temperature alarms and automated monitoring features that can alert you when a temperature is outside the expected range, enable you to monitor equipment over time, and give you insight into intermittent problems.

    Designed to see it all

    • The centerpoint temperature measurement of this image is 48.6°C (also available in °F).
    • The digital image shows the breaker numbers on the panel.
    • The thermal heat map overlay clearly identifies breaker 20 as overloaded.
    • With a push of a button, adjust the heat map blend for the ideal level of detail.
      25% heat map 50% heat map 75% heat map

    Included: printed quick start guide, soft case, micro SD card and adapter, and 4 AA batteries. SmartView ® Software can be downloaded from Fluke without charge at www.fluke.com/vtsmartview