Hioki 3169-20-01/5000 AC Power Demand Analyzer Kit, 5000 Amps

18184.2 MFG #: 3169-20-01/5000
$3,495.00 / EA
  • Brand: Hioki
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: 3169, 3169-20, 3169-21

  • Description

    Measure up to 3-phase, 3-wire system (displays voltage and current for three lines) Measure up to four single-phase, 2-wire systems 5A to 5000A range (with appropriate clamp probe) Compact and light weight PC card data storage Power recording for individual waveforms Simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics Voltage, current, active/ reactive/ apparent power, active/ reactive power integration, power factor, frequency, harmonic value 3 Year WarrantyThe Hioki 3169-20 and 3169-21 are Clamp On Power HiTesters that allow measurement of single-phase to three-phase 4-wire circuits with a single unit. In addition to measuring standard parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, and integrated values, these clamp-on power meters can simultaneously perform demand measurements required for carrying out power management and energy-saving measures, as well as harmonic measurements. The 3169-20 and 3169-21 power meters also feature PC card data storage, and come equipped with an RS-232C interface for PC communications. Further, with grater data processing speeds, it is possible to measure the power of just a few cycles, enabling more detailed and effective energy-saving measures for equipment. The 3169-20 and 3169-21 are ideal for users who want to achieve close control over energy-saving management activities and measures. The 3169-21 comes equipped with a 4-channel high-speed D/A output to enable analog output of RMS values for individual waveforms.