Hioki 3555 Battery Tester

22598.1 MFG #: 3555
$0.00 / EA

  • Description

Product Features

    Battery Tester

    • Support for high-capacity batteries
    • Support for compact storage batteries (portable telephones)
    • Three-rank rating of battery state: Pass, Warning, or Fail
    • Supplied w/9461 Pin-type lead, 9382 Case, Batteries
    • 3-Year Warranty

    Instantaneous Check on Battery Deterioration

    Basic specifications
    Resistance Measurement 300 m-Ohm to 30 Ohm, 3 ranges, 100 µ-Ohm resolution max.
    Voltage Measurement 3 or 30 V DC, 2 ranges, 1 mV resolution max.
    Sampling rate 1.25 times/second
    Comparator functions Setting: Upper and lower limit for resistance, and lower limit for voltage,
    Output: LED, beep

    Please see Data Sheet for complete specifications.