Hioki MR8847A Memory Recorder

24984.1 MFG #: MR8847A
$7,495.00 / EA
  • Brand: Hioki
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: MR8847A-52

  • Description

    Three memory capacity options: 64-Mega word (-51 model) to 512-Mega word (-53 model) Supports a wide variety of measurements with total of 13 plug-in modules (5 new modules added) Generate and record in a single unit Direct 1000 V high voltage input testing High-speed sampling up to 20MS/s with fully isolated inputs 16 analog + 16 logic channels to 64 logic + 10 analog channels High-speed sampling with waveform judgement function Soil-resistant construction strong against adverse working environments Big buttons coated to withstand industrial oil and residue Drop-in paper loading and one-touch setup, along with high-speed 50mm/s printing Main unit MR8847A-51/ -52/ -53 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules in the unit.Basic specifications: (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

    Number of channels [8 analog input modules]: 16 analog channels + 16 logic channels (standard)
    [5 analog input modules + 3 logic input modules]: 10 analog channels + 64 logic channels (standard 16 channels + 48 channels in logic input modules)
    * For analog modules, channels are insulated vs. each other and vs. unit ground.
    For logic modules and integrated standard logic channels, all channels use the unit ground.
    Measurement ranges
    (20 div full-scale)
    5mV to 20V/div, 12ranges, resolution : 1/100 of range (using the 8966)
    5mV to 20V/div, 12ranges, resolution : 1/1600 of range (using the 8968)
    Max. allowable input 400 V DC (using the 8966/8968)
    Frequency characteristics DC to 5 MHz (-3dB, using the 8966), DC to 100 kHz (-3dB, using the 8968)
    Time axis
    5μs to 5min/div, 26ranges,at 100 points/div resolution, three steps of time-axis magnification from 2× to 10×, and 13 steps of time-axis compression from 1/2× to 1/20,000×.
    Measurement functions MEMORY (high-speed recording), RECORDER (real-time recording),
    X-Y RECORDER (X-Y real-time recording), FFT
    Other functions Waveform judgment (at Memory, X-Y recorder, or FFT function)
    Memory capacity
    MR8847-51:  32M-Words/ch (using 2 Analog channels) to 4M-Words/ch (using 16 Analog channels), Total capacity 64MW memory
    MR8847-52:  128M-Words/ch (using 2 Analog channels) to 16M-Words/ch (using 16 Analog channels), Total capacity 256MW memory
    MR8847-53:  256M-Words/ch (using 2 Analog channels) to 32M-Words/ch (using 16 Analog channels), Total capacity 512MW memory

    Please see Data Sheet for complete specifications

    Note: Main unit MR8847-51/ -52/ -53 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules in the unit.

    Includes: Instruction Manual, Measurement Guide, Application Disk (Wave Viewer Wv, Communication Commands table), Power cord, Input cord label, USB cable, Printer paper, Roll paper attachment (2).