Hioki RM3543-01 Resistance Meter

25471.1 MFG #: RM3543-01
$4,080.00 / EA
  • Brand: Hioki
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    Resistance Meter for Ultra-low and Low Shunt Resistance

    • ±0.16% accuracy & 0.01μΩ resolution performance in automated systems
    • Superb repeatable measurement accuracy
    • Provide advanced contact-check, comparator, and data export functions
    • It is intuitive user interface and strong noise immunity are suitable for use in automated systems
    • GPIB interface (RM3543-01)
    • 1-Year warranty

    Measuring 0.1 mΩ with a High Accuracy and High Resolution
    The RM3543 and RM3543-01 Resistance Meters can measure DC resistance such as a low shunt resistance with high speed and high accuracy using the DC four-terminal method. Shunt resistance of 0.1 mÙ can be measured with an accuracy of ±1%. The resistance meters provide advanced contact-check, comparator, and data export functions. In addition, its intuitive user interface and strong noise immunity are suitable for use in automated systems.

    Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year) (Warm-up time 30 minutes or more)
    Measurement method Four-terminal, constant-current DC
    Resistance range 10 mΩ (Max. 12.00000 mΩ, 0.01 μΩ resolution) to 1000 Ω range (Max. 1200.000 Ω, 1 mΩ resolution), 7 steps
    Display Monochrome graphic LCD 240 × 64 dot, white LED backlight
    Measurement accuracy [at 10 mΩ range, with SLOW mode, average 16 times settings]
    ±0.060 % rdg. ±0.001 % f.s.
    Testing current [at 10 mΩ range] 1 A DC to [at 1000 Ω range] 1 mA DC
    Open-terminal voltage 20 V DC max. Note: Voltage when not measuring is 20 mV or less, with current mode set at PULSE and Contact Improver Setting set at OFF/PULSE (measured with a voltmeter having 10 MΩ)
    Sampling rate FAST, MEDIUM, SLOW, 3 settings
    Integration time [at 10 mΩ range, default value] FAST 2.0 ms, MED 5.0 ms, SLOW 1 PLC,
    Setting range: 0.1 ms to 100.0 ms, or 1 to 5 PLC at 50 Hz, 1 to 6 PLC at 60 Hz
    Note: PLC = one power line cycle (mains wave-form period)
    Other functions Comparator (compare setting value with measurement value),Delay, OVC (offset voltage compensation), Average, Measurement fault detection, Probe short-circuit detection, Improve contact, Current mode setting (A pulse application function that applies current only during measurement), Auto-memory, Statistical calculations, Settings monitor (when using two instruments, a difference in settings causes warning notification), Retry, Trigger function. etc.
    Interface External I/O, RS-232C, Printer, GPIB (Model RM3543-01)
    External I/O Trigger, Hold input, Comparator output, Settings monitor terminal, Service power output +5V, +12V, etc.

    Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications.