Instek GPC-3030D Triple Output Power Supply

12157.3 MFG #: GPC-3030D
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  • Brand: Instek
  • Condition: Used

This is a discontinued product

  • Description

    • Triple Output (5 V, 3 A Fixed Output)
    • Auto Tracking
    • Auto Series and Parallel Operation
    • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
    • Low Ripple and Noise
    • Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Includes 3 Pairs of Test Leads
    • 2-Year Warranty
    Main Outputs* Model
    0-18 V, 5 A (x2) GPC-1850D
    0-30 V, 3 A (x2) GPC-3030D **
    0-30 V, 6 A (x2) GPC-3060D
    0-60V, 3 A (x2) GPC-6030D
    All GPC Models have a third, fixed 5 V, 3 A output

    * Main in parallel mode have twice the current capability, and in series mode have twice the voltage capability.

    ** For a better value, check out the improved GPE Series