Instek GRF-1300A RF and Communication System Trainer

25538.1 MFG #: GRF-1300A
$590.00 / EA
  • Brand: Instek
  • Condition: New
  • Family Models: GRF-1300, GRF-1300A
  • Discontinued: Yes

  • Description

    • Base band Signal:
      • Sine, triangle, square wave
      • Frequency Range: 0.1 to 3 MHz
    • RF Frequency: 870 to 920 MHz
    • AM & FM Modulation
    • 5 programmable On/Off Switches and 5 Test Points to Simulate 8 Failure Conditions for Trouble-Shooting Study
    • USB Interface to Provide Remote Control
    • Mixer & 2.4GHz Bandpass Filter (GRF-1300A)
    • One-year warranty

    The GRF-1300/GRF-1300A are training kits. Along with the GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer they make up a training system solution to solve the Educator's toughest challenges — lack of budget and the presence of affordable teaching tools. In conjunction with a PC, a teacher can now present a Fundamental RF Communication Course with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and control and perform the associated experiments on the GSP-730 simultaneously. A VGA output transfers screen images to a projector or larger screen display.

    The GRF-1300/GRF-1300A are able to generate a baseband signal and a RF Carrier signal for the built-in AM/FM Communication topics. The baseband signal outputs include Sine, Triangle and Square waveforms in 100kHz to 3 MHz range and RF output in the 870 MHz to 920 MHz range.

    GRF-1300A Adds Mixer and Bandpass Filter
    GRF-1300A RF training kit features not only all functions of GRF-1300 RF training kit but also augments itself with Mixer and Bandpass Filter. Users can better understand the characteristics of Mixer and Bandpass Filter by operating scalar network analyzer measurement which is produced by combining GSP-730 spectrum analyzer, GRF-1300A RF Communications Trainer, and USG signal generator. The GRF-1300A includes an additional experiment for Mixer, Modulation and Bandpass Filtering. A key feature of within trainer is the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) Band output at 2.4GHz.

    GSP-730 / GRF-1300/GRF-1300A: Fully-electronic RF Training System

    The combination of the GSP-730 and GRF-1300/GRF-1300A forms a fundamental training system for RF communications and telecommunications classes. GRF-1300/GRF-1300A, as an optional accessory of GSP-730, is a trainer for basic RF communication experiments. The GRF-1300 generates a baseband signal and a RF carrier signal for the built-in AM and FM communication operations. The baseband signal output includes the selections of Sine, Triangle, and Square waveforms in the frequency range of 100 kHz to 3 MHz, whereas the RF signal output is a frequency-variable Sine wave in the range of 870 MHz to 920 MHz.

    When the GRF-1300/GRF-1300A Trainer and a PC are properly connected, a tangible system is integrated for performing on-the-fly experiments while the lecture is being given. Using a PC, the teacher can present teaching material with PowerPoint files and at the same time control GSP-730 and GRF-1300/GRF-1300A to perform experiments and get spectrum displays and parameter readings on the PC screen. A PowerPoint file teaching material, a remote control software, and student and teacher's textbooks are available to support this E-teaching system.

    Includes: Quick Start Manual, User's Manual CD, Power Cord, Student's version experiment text book, PowerPoint file, Remote Control software CD, 3 RF Cables, Antenna, and N to SMA Adapter.