Instek GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer

20587.1 MFG #: GSP-730
$999.00 / EA
  • Brand: Instek
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • Frequency Range: 150 kHz to 3 GHz
    • Autoset Function
    • RBW Range: 30kHz, 100 kHz, 300 kHz, 1 MHz
    • ACPR/CHPW/OCBW Measurement
    • Built in Limit Line
    • 5 Markers
    • Split Window Function
    • 3 Trace colors
    • Interfaces: USB Device/Host, RS-232
    • 5.6" TFT LCD with VGA Output
    • One-year warranty

    GW Instek GSP-730 is a 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer developed mainly to fulfill the demands of RF Communication education. The budget constraint and the lack of teaching tools are normally the two hurdles for schools to draw back from providing good courses for RF communication experiments. GSP-730, featuring full functions a moderate spectrum analyzer should provide, along with GRF-1300 training kit possesses a unique position in the field as an economic turn-key solution for 3GHz RF Communication Experiment courses.

    The GSP-730, carrying 3GHz bandwidth and fledged measurement functions, including Autoset, Split Window, Limit Line, ACPR and OCBW etc., is able to install a cornerstone for the advanced educations of Mobile Communications (GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE...), Wi-Fi, Zigbee and RFID in the Electronic or the Communication classes.

    GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer with GRF-1300 Training Kit.

    Educators' Economic Turn-Key Solution
    An optional accessory, the GRF-1300 is a trainer for basic RF communication experiments. It is able to generate a baseband signal and a RF carrier signal for the built-in AM and FM communication operations. With the GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer, GRF-1300 Trainer and a PC, a tangible system is integrated for performing on-the-fly experiments while the lecture is being given. Using a PC, the teacher can present teaching material with ppt. files and at the same time control GSP-730 and GRF-1300 to perform experiments and get spectrum displays and parameter readings on the PC screen. A PowerPoint file teaching material, a remote control software, a student's textbook, and a teacher's textbook are available to support this E-teaching system.