Instek MDO-2204EX Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

28804.1 MFG #: MDO-2204EX
$1,950.00 / EA
  • Brand: Instek
  • Condition: New
  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz
  • Analog Channels: 4 Channel

  • Description

    • 200 MHz, 4-Channels
    • Built-in instrumentation:
      • 500 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
      • 25 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (MDO-2204EX)
      • Digital Multimeter
      • 5V/1A Power Supply
    • Real Time Sample rate per channel: 1 GSa/s
    • 10 M Memory depth per channel w/ VPO Waveform Display Technology
    • Waveform Update Rate: to 120,000 wfm/s
    • 8" WVGA TFT LCD Display
    • Maximun 1M FFT provides higher frequency domain resolution measurements
    • High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass filter functions
    • 29,000 Segmented Memory Search Functions
    • I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN Serial Bus Trigger and Decoding Functions
    • Data Log Function can track signal changes for up to 1,000 hours
    • Mask test Function
    • Network Storage Function
    • Warranty: three years on instrument; one Year on LCD display
    • MDO200E Test Functions
    • MDO200E Introduction

    One Oscilloscope, Two Domains — with Built-in DMM and Power Supply
    The MDO-2204EX is multi-functional mixed domain oscilloscope. This 70 MHz, two-channel oscilloscope features a built-in a 500 MHz Spectrum Analyzer, 25 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, a 5,000 count DMM, and a 5V/1A Power Supply.

    Effectively Conduct Signal Measurements on Frequency Domain with a Spectrum Analyzer-like Interface
    While entering the spectrum mode, the MDO-2204EX will display a full screen of frequency domain, allowing you to input Center Frequency, Span, Start Frequency, and Stop Frequency based upon test requirements. While observing frequency domain display, you can observe waveform characteristics, which are not easily to be seen from time domain waveforms, for instance, the harmonic composition of a waveform and the frequency characteristics of a modulation signal.

    The MDO-2204EX frequency domain also includes Spectrum Trace Type settings (Normal, Max-hold, Min-hold, and Average), allowing you to freely select various Spectrum Traces for simultaneous display. Detection method (Sample, +Peak, -Peak, and Average)can be individually set for each Trace. And via Cursor, you can manually mark the corresponding positions to reflect Frequency and Amplitude. The Search function can also be applied to log spectrum's Peak Table. Amplitude is displayed with dB and Marker can obtain measurement data. Search methods include Max. peak and threshold. Measurement results can be displayed and saved.

    The spectrum function of MDO-2204EX can test below 9 kHz signals, which is applicable to the frequency domain analysis of audio frequency and vibration. The MDO-2204EX can also test the frequency domain signal with DC component without damaging the instrument. With respect to frequency domain waveform display, the MDO-2204EX, featuring the same capability of a real-time spectrum analyzer, is faster than the general spectrum analyzer because it utilizes digital circuit and software to calculate FFT. The general spectrum analyzer can only process the signal of a narrow frequency bandwidth at a time by frequency sweeping. Each sweeping will take several ms to dozens of ms. Hundreds and thousands of frequency sweepings are gathered to form a spectrum. Therefore, the displayed spectrum is not obtained at the same time. The MDO-2204EX obtains spectrum display at the same time by utilizing digital circuit and software to calculate FFT that is faster than the frequency sweeping method. The MDO-2204EX satisfies your signal measurement requirements under 9 kHz; an intuitive interface, high measurement resolution and speed.

    120,000wfm/s Waveform Update Rate
    The MDO-2204EX digital storage oscilloscope allow you to easily observe rare transient waveforms and jitters with the waveform update rate up to 120,000 wfm/s. The advanced VPO (Visual Persistence Oscilloscope) signal processing technology combines the multi-layered gray display to enhance waveform displays of inrush signals and rare transient waveforms to increase waveform debugging efficiency. Its VPO technology displays signals with three dimensional waveform data constructing by amplitude, time and signal strength to show each wave point. As many as 256 color gradients can clearly show waveform variation, providing more useful information on the screen.

    Additional MDO-2204EX features include:

    • FFT Frequency Domain Display
      The Fast Fourier Transform function provides the maximum 1M FFT display and supports four window displays, including Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, and Blackman
    • I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN Decoding and Analysis Support
      10 M long memory depth to rapidly trigger, decode, and analyze, in a long period, frequently used I2C, SPI and UART serial bus and CAN/LIN bus &Mdash; often used by automotive communications
    • Mask Function
      Allows you to apply Auto Mask and user-defined Mask to determine whether the quality of the product meets the regulation
    • Power Supply & DMM Functions
      The integrated 5,000 count DMM provides tests for ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA resistance, diode and temperature. The highly accurate DMM can strengthen DSO's capabilities of voltage and current measurement accuracy. The power supply provides 5V/1A; 0.1V incremental adjustment which can supply power for the development board and IoT (Internet of Things) module

    Applications include: educational course work, embedded circuit design, automotive electronics and ICT product design.

    Included with MDO-2204EX: power cord, certificate of calibration, Quick Start Guide, user's manual and programming manual on CD, two (2) passive probes, two (2) GTL-110 BNC-BNC cables, GTL-105A alligator clip test lead, and GTL-207 banana plug test lead.