Instek PEL-3041 Programmable D.C. Electronic Load

22504.1 MFG #: PEL-3041
$2,940.00 / EA
  • Brand: Instek
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • DC operating voltage: 1.5 V to 150 V
    • Operating Mode: CC, CV, CR, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV, CP+CV
    • Parallel Connection of Inputs for Higher Capacity (Max: 9,450 W)
    • Supports High Slew Rate: Max 16 A/?s
    • Run Program Function (GO/NO GO Test)
    • Sequence Function for High Efficient Load Simulations
    • Commands are compatible with Kikusui PLZ-4W
    • Dynamic (Switching) Function: 0.0166 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Soft Start Function: Off/On (1 to 200ms, Res: 1ms)
    • Adjustable OCP, OVP, OPP, UVP Setting
    • Short Circuit Function
    • Timer function: Elapsed Time of load
    • Cut Off Time (Auto Load Off Timer): 1s to 999h 59min 59s or Off
    • External Channel Control / Monitoring via Analog Control Connector
    • Setup Memories: 100 sets
    • 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display
    • USB 2.0/Host, RS-232 Included. Optional GPIB.

    Meets the requirements of high-power supplies
    Instek PEL-3000 Series are single-channel, programmable DC electronic loads with 0.01mA current resolution and 16A/?s current slew rate. Static mode provides a fixed load. With Dynamic mode, two test conditions can be switched automatically with adjustable Level, Timing, and Slew Rate. Sequence mode provides a combination of up to 1,000 steps for semi-automated testing.

    Flexible power combinations, high-speed, and versatile load simulations
    Instek PEL-3000 Series has three stand-alone models with up to 1,050 Watts of load capability. Up to 5 identical units can be wired in parallel to increase the power capability. Additionally, up to four PEL-3211 Watt Booster Units can be wired in parallel with the PEL-3111 to achieve 9,450 Watts of total load capacity.

    PEL-3000 Series Electronic Electronic Loads

    Model Voltage Current Max. Power Function Parallel Combination Size
    PEL-3021 1.5 to 150 V 35 A 175 W Full-function single unit Parallel w/ same model; 5 units max. Half-rack
    PEL-3031E 1 to 150 VDC 60 A 300 W Single-channel 7 Operating Modes
    PEL-3032E 2.5 to 500 VDC 15 A 300 W Single-channel 7 Operating Modes
    PEL-3041 1.5 to 150 V 70 A 350 W Full-function single unit Parallel w/ same model; 5 units max. Half-rack
    PEL-3111 1.5 to 150 V 210 A 1,050 W Full-function single unit Parallel w/ same model; 5 units max. Full-rack
    Parallel with max. of 4 PEL-3211 units
    PEL-3211 1.5 to 150 V 420 A 2,100 W
    No control panel.
    Cannot be used alone.
    Parallel with PEL-3111 Full-rack

    Includes: user/programming manual CD, quick start guide, load input terminal Cover, terminal fittings (2 sets of type M8 bolts, nuts, springs, washers), and power cord.