Instek USG-LF44 RF Signal Generator - Discontinued

22366.1 MFG #: USG-LF44
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  • Brand: Instek
  • Condition: New

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  • Description

    *Per Instek Management, GW Instek is no longer selling the USG series in the US

    • Frequency Range: 34.5 MHz to 4400 MHz
    • Output Power Range: -30 dBm to 0 dBm
    • Continuous Wave Signal Without any Modulation
    • Support Fixed Frequency, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Hopping & Power Sweep Mode
    • -107 dBc/Hz Phase Noise @100kHz Offset
    • Frequency Resolution: 10 kHz
    • CE Certified, EMI Class A Standards
    • PC USB Interface Powered and Controlled (USB Mini Port), compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS X
    • External PC Software Support Different Operating System
    • Two-year warranty

    The GW INSTEK USG Series of pocket-sized RF Signal Generators come in five Models to meet your requirements from 35 MHz to 4400 MHz. The USG Series provides continuous wave [CW] signal outputs without the signal modulation function. The built-in electronic attenuator allows adjustable power range from -30 dBm to 0 dBm. The USG-Series has several operational modes: Fixed Frequency, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Hopping and Power Sweep. The USB-Series RF signal generator, with the frequency bandwidth limitation, provides lower harmonic output performance.

    The USG-Series signal generators can be designated as the tracking generator for the GSP-730 spectrum analyzer to conduct measurement functions of scalar network analyzers. The supplied CD provides PC programs for the GSP-730 Primary RF Software. This allows you to control the USG signal generators and the GSP-730 via the Primary RF Software from your PC.

    Instek USG-LF44 simultaneous power sweep Instek USG Series boasts an easy5-to-use graphical interface Instek USG RF Signal Generator and smartphone app Instek USG RF Signal Generator & GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer
    Power/Frequency Sweep Intuitive GUI Android App Low Pass w/Primary RF Software

    Video library

     Video: USG Series Intro  Video: PC Application Demo  Video:RF Software Demo  GSP 730 & GRF-1300 E-Teaching System

    Includes: USB cable, USG software on CD, GSP-730 Primary RF Software, and user's manual.