Keithley 3730 6x16 High-Density Matrix Card

19178.1 MFG #: 3730
$2,050.00 / EA
  • Brand: Keithley
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • 6 row by 16 column matrix (2-pole)
    • Analog backplane connection relays provide easy column expansion
    • 300V, 1A switched or 2A carry signal capacity; 60W, 125VA
    • Screw terminal connections provided on removable 3730-ST accessory
    • 2µV and 100pA offsets
    • Relay closures stored in onboard memory
    • Latching electromechanical relays

    Model 3730 is a two-pole, 6 row by 16 column matrix card. It can connect up to six differential instrument channels to any combination of 16 DUTs (devices under test). Any row can be connected to the Series 3700 mainframe backplane by using the analog backplane connection relays. This allows for easy matrix column expansion. A matrix of up to 6 rows by 96 columns can be supported within a single Model 3706 mainframe (with six Model 3730 cards).

    Model 3730 uses two 50-pin male D-sub connectors for signal connections. For screw terminal connections, use the detachable Model 3730-ST accessory.