Keithley 3732 Quad 4x28 Ultra-High Density Reed Relay Matrix

20990.1 MFG #: 3732
$7,100.00 / EA
  • Brand: Keithley
  • Condition: New

  • Description

    • Four independent banks of 4x28 single pole matrices
    • 200V, 1.2A carry or 0.75A switched signal capacity; 15W, 15VA
    • Bank configuration relays enable alternative matrix sizes, including dual 4x56 (1 wire), single 4x112 (1 wire), and single 4x56 (2 wire)
    • Optional accessory, Model 3732-ST-R, enables screw terminal access and additional matrix sizes, including dual 8x28 (1 wire), single 16x28 (1 wire), and single 8x28 (2 wire)
    • Analog backplane connection relays provide easy card-to-card column expansion
    • Long life dry reed relays
    • Ideal for high channel count I-V testing with Series 2600A System SourceMeter® Instruments

    The ultra-high density Model 3732 matrix card is comprised of four banks, each with 4 rows by 28 columns of reed relays. This provides 448 single-pole crosspoints for maximum connection versatility in high channel count applications. For even greater flexibility, bank configuration relays are mounted on the card. They offer an automated method of connecting banks to enable two additional matrix configurations: single 4x112 and dual 4x56. This feature allows the matrix size to be easily adapted to existing or future applications. For differential (2-wire) measurements, a two-pole mode can be selected that enables automatic pairing of crosspoints to create a dual 4x28 or single 4x56 configuration. For larger matrix sizes, analog backplane relays are provided that enable rows to connect to the Series 3700 mainframe backplane. This allows, for example, a matrix of up to 4 rows by 672 columns within a single 3706 mainframe using six Model 3732 cards.

    The card uses optimized reed relays that offer both low contact potential and low current offset to minimize the switching errors that often accompany this relay technology. Additionally, these relays provide greater signal voltage (200V) and current (1.2A carry) dynamic range while supporting the long life and fast actuation times necessary in many automated test applications.

    Model 3732 uses two 78-pin male D-sub connectors for signal and configuration connections. For screw terminal connections, two accessories are offered. Use the 3732-ST-R for the 16x28 or dual 8x28 matrix configurations. Use the 3732-ST-C for the 4x112, dual 4x56, or base quad 4x28 matrix configurations.