Keithley 7002 Switch Mainframe

14694.3 MFG #: 7002
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Product Features

    • Space-efficient, 400 channel mainframe handles large applications.
    • 10 Independent card slots for multiplex, matrix, RF, low-level, and I/O control.
    • 52-Character alphanumeric display provides clear, readable help and information.
    • 165 Channel per second scanning for exceptional system throughput
    • Accepts more than 30 different switch cards for tremendous application versatility.
    • Interactive front panel status display and optional light pen simplify programming
    • Built-in scan control and 500-pattern memory eliminate the need for a computer to control every step of a test procedure.
    • Switch cards offer maximum signal integrity and convenient, high-quality connectors for simplified cabling and increased reliability.
    • Drivers available for LabVIEW, LabWINDOWS/CVI, and TestPoint to simplify and accelerate test program development.

    The Model 7002 Switch System is a 10-slot mainframe providing high signal integrity and tremendous flexibility. More than 30 types of available switch cards make the 7002 one of the most flexible switching mainframes available. The 7002 can switch signals from femtoamps to amps, nanovolts to kilovolts, and DC to 1GHz. Support for up to 400 2-pole multiplexer channels or matrix crosspoints reduces the amount of switching hardware required for a given application.

    Setup and maintenance are simplified by the interactive, graphical channel status display and optional light pen.

    Signal integrity is maintained by the careful design techniques that minimize channel cross-talk, EMI/RFI interference, and power line disturbances - both in the mainframe and on the cards.

    Ultra-high throughput is achieved through the use of programmable scan lists, memory patterns, and triggering which enable the 7002 to synchronize with and control other instruments in the ATE rack without the need or overhead of a PC.

    System Modules
    7011-C - 7011-S 40-Channel Multiplexer Cards 7037-D 30-Channel Digital I/O Card
    7012-C - 7012-S 4x10 Matrix Cards 7038 2 GHz Multiplexer Card
    7013-C - 7013-S 20-Channel Isolated Switch Cards 7053 High Current Switching Card
    7015-C - 7015-S 40-Channel Thermocouple Mux Cards 7065 Hall Effect Card
    7016A 50-Ohm Multiplexer Card 7067 Four-Wire Scanner Card
    7017 800 MHz Multiplexer Card 7090 Optical Switch Card
    7018-C - 7018-S 28-Channel Multiplexers 7111-S 40-Ch Form C Switch Card
    7019 6-Wire Ohms Matrix Card 7152 Low Current Matrix Card
    7020 - 7020-D Digital I/O Cards 7153 High Voltage Low Current Matrix Card
    7021 Multiplexer-Digital I/O Card 7154 10-Channel, HV Scanner Card
    7035 40-Channel Relay Switch Card 7158 Low Current Scanner Card
    7036 2 GHz Multiplexer Card 7168 Nanovolt Scanner Card